100 days with a Razer Phone: a irritable outsider

An choice style

Over a march of regulating a Razer Phone as my daily motorist for several months, we got copiousness of comments from friends about a appearance. We competence know it as a Nextbit Robin in a irritable goth phase, yet for many people, it’s usually that uncanny black block phone.

Now, your mileage might change according to taste, yet we have some adore for a shabby Razer Phone. With a smartphone attention dominated by lemming-like following and trend-chasing, a Razer Phone stands out from a crowd. Does a Razer Phone demeanour sexy? Nope, yet it looks different, and that has a attract of a own.

AndroidPIT razer phone 0298
No voluptuous curves for this geeky gamer phone. / © AndroidPIT

While a Razer Phone might not have a glossy sleekness of a latest Samsung or Huawei, it’s not by omission, yet by design. The Razer Phone knows accurately what it wants to be. And if we plumped for an alien like a Razer for your phone of choice, chances are we have a flattering transparent thought of what we wish too. As you’ll see in this article, a Razer Phone’s form serves a function.

Mean multimedia machine

If we see your smartphone as a unstable media device or palm computer, afterwards it’s tough to find improved than a Razer Phone. The audiovisual knowledge is incredible, interjection to a beautiful shade and positively illusory front confronting stereo speakers 

Many of a strengths of a Razer Phone unequivocally became apparent when I’ve been on holiday or on a road, distant from my altered PC. The front confronting speakers and a ability to column a phone adult in landscape (well value all a comments about the ‘blocky’ design) has finished it some-more than means to offer as my song and video actor on a go though ever feeling like I’ve compromised on quality.

AndroidPIT razer phone 0303
The ability of a phone to rest on one side is rarely underrated. / © AndroidPIT

A Jan program refurbish enabled support for Netflix HDR videos as good as Dolby Digital 5.1, so a Razer Phone is still in a tip category when it comes to personification multimedia. And as we would design from Razer, this naturally includes gaming. 

The gaming, tho

As a lifelong gamer, we ‘get’ what Razer is perplexing to do here, and conclude what they’ve finished for gamers while also realizing a problem of a gamer’s smartphone. Most gamers who can means a $700 Razer Phone would already have a good PC/console during home, that a Razer Phone can’t contest with. So how many gaming are we unequivocally going to do with it?

This is something that anyone who buys into Razer’s selling will have to consider. The Razer Phone is usually as good a handheld gaming height as it is a ubiquitous multimedia device on a go, able of regulating a many demanding, slicing corner mobile games with ease. 

AndroidPIT Razer Phone Gaming 03
The Razer Phone can take a many perfectionist games on a Play Store, no trouble. / © AndroidPIT

You wish AAA graphics on a go? You got it with a Razer Phone. Aside from travelling and a daily commute, I’ve also had a pleasure of regulating a Razer Phone as my categorical exam device for all those juicy diversion reviews I’m portion adult here on a daily basis. we haven’t been tempted to barter it out for any others.

For some-more sum about a Razer Phone gaming experience, and how games from a 120Hz IGZO LCD arrangement and Razer’s Game Booster, settings, I’ll indicate we to my dedicated article. 100 days on, we can still confidently contend that a Razer Phone is a best choice if we wish your smartphone to also be a handheld gaming device.

They see me scrollin’, they hatin’

Even we don’t spend a infancy of my time with a Razer Phone personification games or even examination videos. Like many people, a infancy of my use is taken adult by social media and web browsing. Maybe we spend some-more time than a normal person going by papers and news feeds in a march of my research.

AndroidPIT razer phone 0311
You won’t wish to delayed down. / © AndroidPIT

It’s in these elementary bland tasks that a Razer Phone shines again, interjection to a display’s 120hz modernise rate and comparatively purify software. Scrolling and navigating on a Razer Phone is lightning-fast, butter-smooth and rarely addictive. Once you’re used to it, many other inclination feel indolent underneath a fingers.

A brawny battery

The Razer Phone’s corpulent 4,000 mAh battery gives it a good lifespan even with a shade set to 120 fps all a time. Even holding into comment a integrate of brief gaming sessions with something like Arena of Valor, PUBG, or Shadowgun Legends, a phone chugs by a whole day. With usually infrequent use, it’s customarily a day and a half before we strech for a cable.

Taking full advantage of a phone’s media and gaming capabilities on a go though, means possibly diving into a diversion upholder to tinge down a framerate and graphical goodies, or carrying an energy source nearby. Luckily, a packed-in horse juices it adult to full energy in no time interjection to Quick Charge 4+.

Great in a hand, ungainly in a pocket

Touching again on a Razer Phone’s shape, a rectilinear figure that creates it a good unstable media actor and helps a secure hold in both hands while gaming creates it flattering untimely in a pocket. More than once I’ve been angry during a phone poking my legs or shifting adult out of my jeans. 

AndroidPIT Razer Phone Gaming favourite 6803
The distance and figure of a Razer Phone creates it rather untimely to lift around. / © AndroidPIT

Speaking of jeans, I’m sincerely assured this phone is obliged for wearing a hole by my cheapest pair. Should we shake my fist during Razer? Or Primark? The Razer Phone’s unwieldiness is generally inconvenient the summer when lighter wardrobe is required. This ain’t a phone to accidentally lift around in your shorts and calm with.

The camera can’t locate up

In a initial examination of a Razer Phone, it was transparent that a camera usually didn’t magnitude adult to a peculiarity of other likewise labelled devices, and notwithstanding updates rolled out by Razer, this conditions hasn’t changed. This is a vital means gripping a Razer Phone from fasten a cold kids list and counting flagships from Huawei and Samsung among a peers.

Uncertain updates

Part of a confusion with a Razer Phone is that we’re still not certain how good Razer will do with courtesy to program support. So far, it’s a churned bag. we didn’t design them to do miracles with a camera updates yet a ability to play HDR calm on Netflix was many appreciated. 

The genuine exam will be with Android versions and certainty patches. I’m still watchful for a refurbish to Android 8.1 Oreo, that is meant to arrive after this month. It’s a distant from rapid refurbish schedule, and it doesn’t accurately fill me with certainty about a Razer Phone’s future-proofing.

A loveable misfit

Despite some misgivings, I’m blissful we took a possibility on a alien and stranded with a Razer Phone over a prolonged term. In many ways, it’s a dilettante phone for sold interests. As a gamer and multimedia enthusiast, a Razer Phone’s strengths align with my use, with a camera being a usually means for regret.

The Razer Phone clearly has room for improvement, and that’s because I’m also looking brazen to a subsequent era to repair a weaknesses and also examination out for Razer’s desirous Project Linda, that would concede a Razer Phone and a inheritor to offer as a 13-inch laptop.

Weird? Niche? Yes, yet that’s partial of a appeal. After 100 days, I’ve found a lot to adore in this misfit, and while there are mobile games to be played and song to be blasted, we’ll be gripping company.

Have we attempted a Razer Phone? What do we consider of it?

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