11 reasons because Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is improved than Apple’s iPhone 7 for business


After attending a Samsung Galaxy S8 launch event, we put together my best 10 smartphones post for a initial partial of 2017. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus was comparison for a tip spot.

Next week a S8 and S8 Plus arrive into a hands of buyers.

The 10 best smartphones of 2017 so far

The 10 best smartphones of 2017 so far

Samsung usually suggested a new Galaxy S8 while all a rest of a critical announcements have been finished over a past dual months.

Reports from Samsung prove it has already pre-sold some-more than 728,000 units with a aim of 1 million before to a 21 Apr launch date.

I formerly posted eight reasons a Galaxy S8 is good for business. As a addition to that list, here are 10 reasons to cruise a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus instead of a Apple iPhone 7 Plus, that was comparison in a second mark of my 10 best smartphones.

1. Display: The Galaxy S8 Plus has a 6.2 in. arrangement with no side bezels and tiny tip and bottom bezels. It is also narrower than a Apple iPhone 7 Plus that has a 5.5 in. display. Independent contrast also shows a Galaxy S8 has a tip rated display of all smartphones.

2. Fast charging and wireless charging: Actual battery life contrast stays to be conducted for a Galaxy S8. However, if we do need to tip off, it usually takes a few mins around USB Type-C or a wireless dock. It’s a bit frustrating to assign adult an iPhone 7 Plus, that explains because there is such a vast marketplace for slap on battery packs.

3. microSD expansion: The iPhone 7 Plus has 3 memory configurations accessible with a largest ability 256GB being some-more than adequate for many people. The Galaxy S8 Plus offers 64GB inner with a microSD storage label container so we can cocktail inexpensive storage cards in and out as we please.

4. Gorilla Glass 5: Apple has potion on a front and steel on a behind while a Galaxy S8 has potion on a front and back. However, this potion is Gorilla Glass 5 that is designed for increasing dump insurance over prior potion panels, flourishing 1.6 meter, shoulder tallness drops.

5. Multiple confidence options: With a Galaxy S8, we can set it adult to transparent around facial recognition, iris scanning, fingerprint, pattern, PIN, or a password. The iPhone 7 Plus has a quick fingerprint scanner with options for a cue or PIN, though Samsung’s iris scanner might be a some-more available and secure option.

6. Samsung DeX: People use their smartphones for all currently and with Samsung DeX, users now have a choice to leave a laptop behind. I’ll be contrast this accurate capability on dual arriving business trips. Apple has no ability to extend a iPhone to an outmost display.

7. Virtual reality: Samsung continues to urge a practical existence knowledge with a handheld controller now enclosed with a Gear VR. While VR can be used for games or media viewing, there are also craving reasons for VR. These embody presenting practical walk-throughs of engineering designs, medical procession reviews, and interactive presentations.

8. Bixby: There is a ton of intensity in Samsung Bixby as it looks to urge a potency and capability of a user. Unfortunately, Bixby’s voice assistant won’t be prepared during launch so we will usually get a glance of a Bixby use with a home shade row identical to Google Now. With a dedicated symbol on a Galaxy S8, Samsung is committed to creation Bixby all it promises to be and we demeanour brazen to creation unchanging tasks some-more available and intuitive.

9. Bluetooth 5.0: You might not have seen or listened that a Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus will be a initial phones to launch with Bluetooth 5.0 support. Bluetooth 5.0 improves a connectivity performance, extends a operation of Bluetooth, and allows we to bond dual Bluetooth headphones to one Galaxy S8 during a same time.

10. Samsung Pay: Apple Pay is popular, though zero beats Samsung Pay when it comes to a series of sell locations that are upheld and a record that allows we to reinstate your credit or withdraw card. we done a integrate of purchases with my Gear S3 smartwatch regulating Samsung Pay during a plcae that settled it did not accept wireless payments. More banks are combined frequently and Samsung also offers a ton of promotions to inspire Samsung Pay use.

11. Headphone jack: While Apple thinks it was bold to take divided a headphone jack, many people still use headphones with a customary 3.5mm connector. Samsung’s squeeze of Harman final year, buyers accept a good span of connected headphones in a box. While we conclude and use Bluetooth headphones utterly often, a 3.5mm headphone jack is available and careful while not carrying to worry about charging adult another device.

It’s transparent that Samsung continues to pull smartphone record brazen and Apple is looking a bit antiquated with a iPhone 7. However, Apple still offers a constrained knowledge as good and not all of Samsung’s ideas and technologies are critical to a daily use needs of all users.

Stay tuned for a full examination of a Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and accessories.

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