2018 Nokia 6 review: A bill beauty, though eclipsed by a Moto G6

There’s a reason because Samsung and Apple supplement a series to a finish of their flagship phones each year, and a stream difficulty of a Nokia lineup explains why. Last year, a Finnish manufacturer denounced a Nokia expelled models simply called 3, 5 and 6. Now that they’ve rested a Nokia 6 for 2018, what do they call it? The new Nokia 6? The Nokia 6 2018 as The Carphone Warehouse has motionless to go with? The box calls it a Nokia 6.1, creation it sound like a recently patched work in swell rather than a finished article.

Whatever we confirm to call it, a New Nokia 6.1 2018 (if we can’t kick them, join ALL of them, we say), is a really good bid from a Finnish outfit. It’s only hapless that the Moto G6 has it beaten.

2018 Nokia 6 review: Design

In a universe of very-similar looking handsets, a 2018 remix of a Nokia 6 does only adequate to mount out and it positively looks really large for a phone that comes in during underneath £250. It’s crafted from a singular retard of aluminium, and comes with a imperishable looking matte black paint, embellished in radiant copper or china trim. It’s a looker in an appealingly understated way.

And, while it sticks to a normal 16:9 aspect ratio display, rather than chasing a 18:9 fashion, Nokia has reassuringly confirmed critical staples of phones left by: it has both a 3.5mm headphone jack and expandable storage to top-up a integrated 32GB by adult by 256GB should we wish.

A small, turn fingerprint reader is on a behind only next a camera. I’d privately foster this on a front, given a arrangement doesn’t cover a whole front of a phone though I’m happy to accept that’s down to personal preference.

You don’t get any kind of H2O insurgency though all in, this is a easily put together handset, where no apparent corners have been cut in a competition to sell during underneath £250.

2018 Nokia 6 review: Screen

As mentioned above, a new Nokia 6 doesn’t come with an edge-to-edge 18:9 arrangement like a Moto G6 or a Honor 9 Lite. Instead, this is an aged propagandize 16:9 affair. It’s 5.5in in size, uses good aged IPS record and a fortitude is 1,920 x 1,080, that gives we around 403 pixels per inch.

Some will see that as unsatisfactory though for a phone of this price, a shade is zero brief of brilliant. The arrangement covers 93.9% of a sRGB colour progression and a colour correctness is really good indeed.

Elsewhere, a contrariety ratio of 1,242:1 keeps all looking plain and with a limit liughtness of 454cd/m2, we shouldn’t have any problems reading it unless you’re stood in abnormally splendid light – in that box stop reading your phone and suffer a sun!

Good opening all round, then. No, you’re not removing a nearby soundness of a Samsung Galaxy S9 though afterwards we could buy 3 Nokia 6s for a cost of one S9, so it’s tough to be ultra-critical.

2018 Nokia 6 review: Performance

Powering a new Nokia 6 is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor – a step adult from final year’s chronicle though frequency a cutting-edge chip. Backed by 3GB RAM and 32GB of onboard storage, a Nokia 6 isn’t a many sparkling handset though it still manages to narrowly kick a nearby rivals in terms of tender performance:

The importance there should be on “narrowly”. This is a scrappy win that many people would never notice even if they used both handsets during a same time. Still, a win is a win, and it’s critical to note that it does improved than a Moto G6, Honor 7X, Honor 9 Lite and 2017 chronicle of a Samsung Galaxy A5.

Where it’s a small some-more convincing is in graphical performance, nonetheless it’s still not going to be replacing your games console any time soon.

That’s around twice a framerate of a Honor 7X and nearby matching opening to a A5. But again, we’re still looking during a rise of 15 frames per second. The GFXBench exam we use is complete but, even so, we won’t be personification a latest games on full-detail here.

The new Nokia 6’s 3,000mAh battery provides excellent battery life, though it’s zero to write home about (even if we are a kind of chairman to write letters about smartphone stamina). In a looped video exam with a shade liughtness kept during 170cd/m2 it lasted 12hrs 14mins before shutting down. It’s improved than many of a rivals and should absolutely final a day of assuage use.

If battery life is all important, demeanour to Samsung or a Lenovo P2, if we can find one.

2018 Nokia 6 review: Camera

As we might have beheld from a photos dotted via this review, a new Nokia 6 has only a singular lens on a back: a Zeiss-branded 16-megapixel shooter with an orifice of f/2.0, phase-detect autofocus and a dual-LED flash.

Considering a phone retails for £230 you’re looking during a really fit camera here. Outside, in well-lit conditions, it’s able of capturing images with oodles of detail, accurate colours and with well-balanced exposure.

Unfortunately, it only isn’t as good as a camera on a Moto G6. Its low-light opening – ever a Achilles’ Heel of low-end smartphones – is a grainy letdown, while HDR opening is also noticeably weaker.

There are positives, however, generally if we like to locate suit rather than only stills. The new Nokia 6 can constraint 4K video during 30fps – something a Moto G6, and many other handsets in this cost bracket, can’t. The support rate seems plain too, that is additional considerable when we cruise a problems we encountered with juddery 4K on Sony’s flagship XZ2 phones recently.

The front-facing camera also has a pretence adult a metaphorical sleeve: Nokia’s “bothie” feature. This lets we record footage from both a 5-megapixel front-facing and back camera during a same time. If you’re wondering because you’d ever need to do this, it’s substantially not directed during we though it’s accessible if we illusion about creation a happening off YouTube greeting videos.

2018 Nokia 6 review: Verdict

The Nokia 6 is, on balance, a really excellent phone for a money. It looks stylish, performs during a identical rate to a rivals and gives we an unusually good shade for your cash.

The problem is a Moto G6 manages to upstage it in pivotal areas: it looks better, has an 18:9 edge-to-edge arrangement and a higher camera. It also comes in £10 cheaper. Never mind that a shade is weaker, a battery reduction fit and opening a little bit slower – for many people, a Moto G6 is simply a improved choice.

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