25 impossibly useful things we didn’t know Google Docs could do

You can get to any Google Docs duty in no time by regulating a program’s menu hunt command.

4. Save yourself a difficulty of digging by Docs’s menus to find what we need and instead use a Alt-/ by-pass to search all accessible functions in no time. Say we wish to modify some content into pretension case, for instance. Rather than digging around in a Format menu, we can simply prominence a content in question, strike Alt and afterwards /, form “ti”–and then, when “Title Case” appears as a tip option, strike Enter to request it.

5. Docs can automatically classify your documents to make them easier to get around: Open adult a View menu and name “Show request outline”–or only strike Ctrl-Alt-H (or Cmd-Alt-H)–and a app will emanate a finish outline in a left area of a screen, with each line of header content representing a section. You can afterwards click on any of those sections to burst directly to that partial of a document. (This one is also accessible in a Docs mobile apps; only demeanour for a “Document outline” choice in a apps’ categorical menu.)

6. Give your fingers a mangle and let Docs turn your oral difference into text: As prolonged as your mechanism has a microphone, all we have to do is open a Tools menu and name “Voice typing”–or strike Ctrl-Shift-S (or Cmd-Shift-S)–and afterwards pronounce away. Docs will use Google’s customary voice-to-text complement to figure out what you’re observant (mostly, anyway) and put it on a page.

7. Docs’s voice-to-text duty also lets we speak commands for common forms of punctuation and divide formatting. You can contend things like “period,” “comma,” and “question mark” or give instructions like “new line” or “new paragraph.” If we wish to take a break, contend “stop listening” and afterwards contend “resume” when you’re prepared to continue.

8. In further to holding down text, Docs’s voice typing mode allows we to perform modernized edits around oral command. The complement supports a outrageous operation of functions–selecting specific words, phrases, or paragraphs; requesting opposite forms of formatting to text; cutting, copying, and pasting; and even scrolling by a request or jumping to specific tools of a page. You can find a full list of accessible commands here.

9. Docs’s dictation underline is good for some-more than only unchanging essay and editing: Anytime we have some audio that needs to be incited into text–from a available interview, a podcast, or whatever a box might be–find a still room for your computer, glow adult Docs’s voice typing mode, and let a audio play. Docs will provide a full transcription of your available audio, no specialty services or fees required.

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