32 games that need to be on a N64 Classic Edition

Nintendo has truly been banking on (and creation bank with) exploiting nostalgia a past few years, releasing both a NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition to huge amounts of direct — and synthetic supply shortages. The dual tiny consoles took gamers by some of a biggest games of a ’80s and ’90s, vouchsafing us jump, float, fight, shoot, and some-more by stately worlds of 8 and 16-bit wonder. With a recover of a SNES Classic Edition now a few months behind us, we here during Nintendo Wire are looking toward a future: a unavoidable N64 Classic Edition.

Nintendo hasn’t announced — or even hinted — during a probable destiny existence of a mini-Nintendo 64, yet there have been signs indicating to a one-day birth. A European heading for an N64 Controller came alongside trademarks for minimalist images of NES and SNES controllers final July, planting seeds of wish in a minds of late-’90s Nintendo fans. Could it be that a N64 Classic is customarily within a reach?

Before a proclamation and recover of a SNES Classic final year, we threw down a 30 most-wanted games for a then-hypothetical system. This year, we’re doing it again. Here’s a Nintendo Wire team’s tip picks for a N64 Classic Edition.


Daniel’s wishlist
daniel dell-cornejo


1. Super Mario 64


The initial must-have diversion on my wishlist is Super Mario 64 — a iconic plumber’s initial tour in 3D and one of a Nintendo 64’s dual U.S. launch titles. Super Mario 64 was a colonize of open world, exploration-based gameplay helped enthuse some of a many dear 3D Mario cames of a past dual decades — generally Super Mario Odyssey. With a many re-releases and remakes over a years, Super Mario 64 is a no-brainer inclusion on an N64 Classic Edition.


2. Mario Kart 64



Like Super Mario 64 did for Mario platforming, Mario Kart 64 did a same for Mario go-kart racing. Mario Kart 64 saw a introduction of both Wario and Donkey Kong to a series, as good as a ability to reason some-more than one object during a time. With a engorgement of noted tracks, including one of my favorite Rainbow Roads, this diversion stays one of a biggest multiplayer practice accessible on a Nintendo 64. An N64 Classic Edition yet it customarily wouldn’t be an N64 Classic Edition during all.


3. Pokémon Stadium


Aside from Super Smash Bros. (and maybe Beetle Adventure Racing), no other N64 diversion tangible my childhood like Pokémon Stadium did. we spent large hours with my cousins duking it out with a monsters — both rented and owned, eliminated from a copies of Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow. Not customarily was Pokémon battling in 3D rare during a time (we’re kind of marred currently with a 3DS Pokemon titles), yet Stadium was jam-packed full of mini-games that Mario Party can’t ever wish to reason a candle to. Who didn’t adore themselves a small Lickitunging in Sushi-Go-Round?

Sadly, we feel a further of Pokémon Stadium competence not be a transparent thing given a handheld diversion connectivity features. However, is it probable that a N64’s GamePak could be emulated around wireless technology? If so, we feel a N64 Classic could bond to 3DS eShop versions of Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow to replicate a same knowledge on a strange game.


4. GoldenEye 007



Speaking of good multiplayer experiences, GoldenEye 007 is another diversion whose home is on a destiny N64 Mini. This James Bond-starring first-person shooter revolutionized a genre and became a third-best offering N64 diversion — right behind Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64. GoldenEye was another pretension that owned several of my summers flourishing up, interjection to a pulse-pounding, split-screen action. Since then, I’ve grown to adore roughly all games starring The Man with a Golden Gun — Agent Under Fire for a GameCube being my many favorite. Oh, and of course… who can presumably forget a Paintball Mode cheat?


5. Wave Race 64


There’s a reason given people call a N64 one of a best — if not the best — multiplayer consoles, and that’s simply given it has such a illusory collection of multiplayer games. Wave Race 64 is no exception, pairing a good singleplayer mode with an even improved multiplayer one. Along with a mark on a list of must-have games for a N64 Classic Edition, cruise Wave Race as a tip contender for a someday “Games That Absolutely, 100 Percent Deserve a Revival” list, too.


6. Pokémon Stadium 2



What Pokémon Stadium did amazing, Pokémon Stadium 2 did even better, featuring a whole Kanto + Johto register of creatures, an upgraded Gym Leader Castle, and ever some-more connectivity with a handheld games. we can’t even start to explain how vehement we was as a child to use Stadium 2’s Mystery Gift to acquire decorations for my room in Pokemon Gold and Crystal. Pokémon Stadium 2’s mini-game offerings were customarily as good as a predecessor’s, braggadocio personal favorites like Delibird Delivery and Egg Emergency.

Like a initial game, we wish a suppositious N64 Classic would be means to bond wirelessly to eShop copies of Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal. After all, battling your Pokéz on a large shade was one of a biggest offering points of a original.


7. Mario Party 3


The third installment in a ever-popular Mario Party authorization saw a introduction of everyone’s favorite gross, immorality doppelgänger Waluigi, as good as a princess of Sarasaland herself, Daisy. Not customarily did Mario Party 3 deliver Story Mode to a series, yet also control-stick-spinning mini-games, that competence or competence not have been tied to a critical widespread that influenced gamers’ Nintendo 64 controllers in a early ’00s. Because of these mini-games, and Mario Party 3’s miss of recover on any Virtual Console (Wii or Wii U), it’s tough to contend if Nintendo would cruise wrapping this classical in an N64 Classic Edition. Perhaps they’ll offer giveaway controller replacements for those who squeeze it, yet I’m not holding my breath.


Matthew’s wishlist
matthew weidner


8. Star Fox 64


Much like a final face-off opposite Andross’s loyal form, Star Fox 64’s inclusion on a tiny appurtenance is many a no-brainer. The diversion detonate like a supernova on a CRT screens behind in 1997, environment a crosshairs on a hearts with a quick action, immersive set pieces and expel of cocky, nonetheless colorful characters. Even currently after 25 years of intergalactic dog fights and tub rolls, a game’s widely deliberate a best in a authorization by fans and critics alike, earning this ragtag group of eager space pilots tip honors among a Nintendo mascot elite. It’s also one of a few handfuls of games on this list that still stands a exam of time graphically, that even ace commander Falco Lombardi himself could determine is value being grateful for.


9. F-Zero X


Got an omnivorous need for speed that a putter-paced prixs of a Mushroom Kingdom can’t support to? Then it’s high time we hopped into a plasma-powered hovercrafts of F-Zero! Featuring hairsplitting speeds, fine-tuned controls, and adequate twists and turns to make your nose bleed, X is in a fasten of a possess when compared to a some-more tame karting cousin. It’s also one of a initial racers to run during a well-spoken 60 frames-per-second, notwithstanding a increasing count of 24 vehicles barreling down a track. For many, F-Zero X stays a decisive chronicle of a fast-and-furious franchise, even lapping a arcade desirous supplement on GameCube. To me, it’s a ideal forgive for family and friends to detonate behind a circle and “Show me ya moves!”


10. Sin and Punishment


Sin and Punishment is one of a many grand and technical titles to scurry by a Nintendo 64 library, stuffing in a genre niche grossly underrepped over a intergalactic adventures of Team Star Fox. The absurd on-rail action, ideal pacing, and dystopian environment cap in a fusillade of bullets adrenaline junkies can’t utterly quit. Co-developed by Nintendo and eventually localized for both a Wii and Wii U Virtual Console, we wouldn’t be astounded if this dirty run-‘n’-gunner continued to kick a contingency and dwarf a cult classical status. Hey, during slightest it’s got a improved shot during creation a cut than Snowboard Kids or anything by Rare.


11. Mega Man 64


I’ll be honest: Mega Man 64, differently famous as Mega Man Legends, does not reason adult well. The camera is disorienting, a controls are insulting, and graphics are an comprehensive eyesore. In fact, I’m flattering certain it was grown by Dr. Wily himself underneath some sinful intrigue to grill and perplex a circuits into submission. Yet for all a many dings and dents, we can’t assistance yet adore this disgusting hunk of throw metal. Modding a mythological blue crony with a lurch of action-RPG stylings helped a series’s transition to 3D shine, relying reduction on tingle reflexes and some-more on scrutiny and storytelling. Sure, that meant a diversion common unequivocally small in common with a pixel-plated platformers, yet it was poetic during a time to see Capcom take such confidant risks with one of their many mega money-makers. Love it or hatred it, it’s during slightest improved than putting a whole authorization on ice for 8 years…


12. Mischief Makers


Regrettably, fans of 2D platforming had small to work with during what we like to call a ‘90s-era polygonaclypse. After Super Mario 64 singlehandedly revolutionized a 3D space, jumpin’ by jaggies became all a rage, and small seductiveness was placed on a elementary pleasures of platformers past. Enter Mischief Makers: a quirky movement tour diversion ripping with charm, personality, and continuous shaking. Its pivotal gameplay automechanic concerned grabbing, shaking, and throwing any and all obstacles in your path, providing an implausible volume of accumulation to a obscure perils that lay in wait. Couple that with some truly resourceful spin design, robust challenge, and a many seductive soundbite to ever beauty these eardrums and it’s not formidable to see given this colorful hop done a list.


Tom’s wishlist
tom brown


13. Rayman 2: The Great Escape


Now here’s a diversion that’s many been ported to any complement underneath a sun, from a Dreamcast to a Nintendo DS. It’s not tough to see why, either. While not a 3D platformer on customary with a likes of Mario 64, it’s a fun tour nonetheless, with a unique, murky atmosphere frequency seen in a genre. Given Ubisoft’s cemented loyalty interjection to Mario + Rabbids, this one competence be some-more expected than you’d think.


14. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


This diversion unequivocally requires no introduction. It’s frequently surfaced “Best Games of All Time” lists ever given a initial recover behind in 1998 and it’s unequivocally good deserved. It was Link’s initial incursion into 3 dimensions, giving players a some-more immersive tour opposite Hyrule, and it still ranks as one of a best. While a game’s 3DS pier arguably improves a core knowledge in pivotal ways, a Nintendo 64 strange binds adult good and would roughly positively make a cut.



15. Paper Mario


Paper Mario was one of a final first-party Nintendo 64 games to be published in 2001, small months before a launch of a GameCube. Thankfully, with a singular art instruction and roughly time-honoured diversion mechanics, a diversion manages to reason adult as one of a system’s best to this day. Given a 64’s relations miss of RPGs, this one should be a shoe-in.


16. Mario Tennis


With Mario Tennis Aces on a horizon, now’s as good a time as any to simulate on Mario’s justice roots. Granted, a Virtual Boy diversion technically preceded it, yet this Nintendo 64 entrance cemented a pristine filtered fun that is Mario Tennis. It’s also a initial coming of Waluigi, that creates it a diversion of critical chronological significance that can't be overlooked. If they do pier it over, though, Nintendo should embody a characters and courts that were once sealed behind regulating a Game Boy Transfer Pak with a handheld version. It would customarily be sporting.


17. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron


Considering how prohibited Star Wars is right now, Nintendo would be blank out if they didn’t supplement this classical dogfighter to a N64 Classic Edition. Scrapping a make-believe mechanics seen in progressing Star Wars commander games, Rogue Squadron is arcade movement from a get-go, with copiousness of iconic ships, sounds, and strain that constraint a cinematic bequest perfectly. Here’s anticipating Disney would let it happen.


Ricky’s wishlist
ricky berg


18. Super Smash Bros.


The one that started it all. We’ve come a prolonged proceed from these common roots of a crossover, yet today’s Smash Bros. wouldn’t be yet this beginning effort. Eight characters competence not seem much, yet that initial register was mythological behind in a day. There’s something deeply gratifying about Kirby throwing a Poké Ball during Fox McCloud’s face on Yoshi’s pop-up book of an island, and a kinds of moments we could kerfuffle your proceed by were scarcely endless. Everyone we knew had a favorite character, and those that didn’t customarily indispensable to be shown a raging four-player fighting to tumble in adore and get their initial “main.”. This one isn’t customarily estimable — it’s down right necessary.



19. Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards


Kirby’s initial 3D tour competence not have been a kind of series that Link’s or Mario’s was, yet that creates it no reduction beloved. Carrying on a story and sensibilities of Dream Lands 2 3, a categorical pull here was a ability to brew and compare a game’s duplicate abilities to emanate new and some-more specialized ones. This is a diversion that let Kirby spin into a fridge and launch food during enemies — how can we not be on residence with that? The hunt for a Crystal Shards is one I’ll never forget interjection to these, a friends we accommodate along a way, and a final trainer quarrel that still stands among one of a series’s finest.


20. Donkey Kong 64


Here we go!

So you’re finally here, reading this list through;
Since we know a song, we can sound along, too!
Put your hands together, if we determine with me,
Donkey Kong 64 is ne-cess-a-ry!

Seriously, while we feel Banjo-Kazooie is a improved game, Donkey Kong 64 is positively large for a collectathon. This is a kind of diversion that can expostulate a completionist mad, with piles and piles of things to find. Where a diversion truly shines is a interplay of a 5 starring Kongs. DK, Diddy, Tiny, Lanky, and Chunky all have their singular skills and it’s meaningful when to switch it adult to finish a charge that a often-intimidating spin pattern scale becomes transparent (coconut) clear.



21. Mario Party 2


No sophomore slumps here — Mario Party 2 built off of a initial diversion to make what competence be my favorite in a franchise. The entrance of items, some-more modes and minigames (and overwhelmed adult standouts from a initial Mario Party), and a larger class of polish, altogether — this is a full package and a bullion customary we reason all other Mario Parties to. The play had fun themes and even costumes to them, along with a Mini Game Coaster to keep we assigned even when merrymaking solo. Whenever we dirt off a N64 for a get-together, this is a initial diversion we customarily demeanour for, and that’s really observant something.


22. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask


I’ve created about Majora’s Mask several times now, yet it never gets old. This is a bullion customary we reason Zelda games to (yes, even in a post-Breath-of-the-Wild world) and it has reduction to do with a gameplay and some-more to do with a artistic universe building and novel judgment of apropos an comprehensive consultant on a same, three, repeating days by game’s end. Add in a noted criminal and a whole horde of collectable masks and it’s a diversion I’ll never contend “no” to even in a face of a cataclysmic moonfall.



23. Banjo-Kazooie


Here’s a good one: a bear and a bird travel into a witch’s mountain-side lair. No joking here, though, as this was a other bullion customary of 3D platforming on a N64. Sure, Mario came initial and had a advantage of being Nintendo’s categorical man. Banjo-Kazooie, on a other hand, came from a folks behind Donkey Kong Country and offering a totally opposite feel while progressing a concentration on scrutiny and collection. And googly eyes. Like, a lot of googly eyes. Every one of a worlds was value branch upside down in office of Jiggies, Music Notes, Cheato Pages, Jinjos, and all other complete nonsense. Even with a supplement and devout successor, there’s customarily no violence a strange here.


24. Snowboard Kids (and Snowboard Kids 2, while we’re during it)


Some people like Mario Kart, some people like Diddy Kong Racing. Meanwhile, we spend my days figure a slopes of Snowboard Kids and a supplement for hours on end. These kids with their big, foolish noses and a positively eager feel of a game’s strain were adequate to get me interested, yet it’s a compensation of progressing your movement down a plateau and pulling off tricks that make any competition feel special. Speaking of special, both aren’t customarily singular to snow: grassy hills, changeable sands, dinosauric jungles, a condemned house, and outdoor space were all satisfactory diversion here and there’s still others that mangle a mold customarily as well. Whether it’s a initial game’s some-more freestyle proceed to roving or a sequel’s fun story and unlockables that make a grade, presumably of these racers are positively value including.



Jennifer’s wishlist
jennifer burch


25. Pokémon Puzzle League


Taking Panel de Pon and adding thematic elements from a Pokémon anime is an addictive nonplus game. With charcterised cutscenes, inclusion of pivotal characters from a anime and a 4Kids voice cast, on a surface, it seems shoal and money grabby. The Pokémon heat was heated and genuine in a late ‘90s and early ‘00s, so roughly anything Pokémon-related would sell. Pokémon Puzzle League, though, brought a “funny kind of Tetris” to a Nintendo 64 where we could play opposite another crony or a CPU. With easy modes and violent settings, this nonplus diversion is ideal for any fan!


26. Harvest Moon 64


The tillage diversion that prepared me for Animal Crossing and dating sims, Harvest Moon 64 is a good desired classical in a Harvest Moon franchise. Tasked with restoring your grandfather’s aged farm, you’re thrown into a new town. With people to cater and even marry, there’s stories to learn with any of these characters. Even yet there were other Harvest Moon games out – on SNES and Game Boy/Game Boy Color – this and it’s peculiar PlayStation kin Harvest Moon: Back to Nature introduced a new universe of gaming to everyone. When we indispensable a mangle from slaying monsters or perplexing to save a world, we could foot adult Harvest Moon and confirm what we wanted to do. Tend to crops, take caring of animals, revisit a mines, attend in holidays and festivals, even woo a bachelorette, and so many more.

Even with a diversion being expelled on a Wii U’s Virtual Console a year ago, anytime this diversion can be brought behind to a masses, I’m all for it.



27. Yoshi’s Story


The supplement to Yoshi’s Island, Yoshi’s Story competence not live adult to a prototype hype, yet it still sticks out in my mind due to a game’s aesthetics. A pop-up storybook that outlines a Yoshis tour in violation Bowser’s spell caused me to be soft with a diversion as a kid. Looking behind during it now? There’s snippets of a label and felt that came alive in Yoshi’s Woolly World and a newest Yoshi diversion designed for a Nintendo Switch. An intensely easy diversion that can be finished in underneath an hour, this Yoshi-themed tour was a good starting indicate for immature gamers, so it’s customarily wise that a subsequent era should be introduced to it.


28. Hey You, Pikachu!


A niche diversion for a Pokémon fandom that would need a microphone appendage (as good as a cosmetic mountain that hold it in place on a N64 controller), Hey You, Pikachu! probably won’t make a cut. Still, this “game” pulls during my heartstrings as a large Pikachu fan. Being means to speak to Pikachu and get a response behind was an engaging step brazen in integrating mics and voice commands into gaming. You could presumably disagree that this helped a growth of Nintendogs on a Nintendo DS after all. With new Pokémon fans fasten any and any day in further to a authorization branch 20 years aged in North America after this year, it would be poetic to see this peculiar gem be brought to life again.



29. Mario Party


Oh, a classic! When we weren’t throttling your friends or siblings in Super Smash Bros., it was time to try a same in Mario Party. The residence game-game that would means fights or repelled screams over a CPU winning, a authorization lives on to this day. Sure, there’re some disappointments with a proceed a final few games have been handled, so going behind to a strange would be a poetic outing down memory lane. Besides a splendidly themed boards, a genuine pull to a OG Mario Party were a 50 mini-games: Bumper Balls, Cast Aways, Hot Rope Jump, Shy Guy Says, Tug o’ War, Bobsled Run, and more! Only 6 done it into Mario Party: The Top 100, so it’s customarily satisfactory that we can play a whole library from a initial Mario Party this year.


30. Animal Crossing


Never expelled in outward of Japan, Animal Crossing started as a Nintendo 64 game: Dōbutsu no Mori (or “Animal Forest” when translated to English). A probable recover on Japan’s N64 Classic Mini, it would be poetic to see a series’s common beginnings. While we haven’t played a diversion itself, we do remember finding it online years ago (around 2000), behind when there was a recover date for Animal Crossing to come stateside. Yet with a late recover on a N64 and a volume of localization needed, it would take 4 years of watchful to finally play an updated version, that was famous as Animal Crossing on a GameCube.

Compared to a GameCube version, there isn’t as many gloss on a strange game. Thanks to a striking update, a atmosphere is different. Plus, if we wanted to have mixed towns, you’d have to buy mixed cartridges, as save information was saved directly to a cartridge instead of a memory card. More than likely, this will stay behind in Nintendo’s vault. Not wanting to detract from a subsequent diversion in a Animal Crossing franchise, we’ll customarily have to review to appropriation an aged N64 cartridge to knowledge a series’s origins.



31. Pokémon Snap


The “on-a-rail shooter” of Pokémon, Pokémon Snap had we wielding a camera as your “weapon.” Instead of a Pokédex, we were tasked with photographing Pokémon, perplexing to shelve adult as many points in suitability with Professor Oak’s judging standards. An peculiar combo on a surface, Pokémon Snap is one of a many defining games of a N64. Tasking a actor to turn a photographer was new and opposite in a area of Pokémon, and, sure, we could disagree that Todd Snap was benefaction in a anime and manga, yet photography wasn’t a pivotal component of customary Pokémon gameplay before. In fact, given a game’s recover roughly 19 years ago, we still hear it mentioned in reviews today. Any form of print underline in a latest diversion (for example, Pokémon Sun and Moon)? You’ll hear some comparison to Pokémon Snap.


32. Jet Force Gemini



The third-person shooter that crushed adult a sci-fi genre and threw in a lurch of a ‘80s, Jet Force Gemini prisoner my brothers’ and my attention. Setting out to strengthen Earth from an alien-insect-like race, a boy, a girl, and their dog go out for battle. A shoot-‘em-up diversion where we can play as a dog? It was kind of a contingency have during that point. With a single-player and multiplayer modes, a replay value increasing due to my boring friends over for some gaming sessions.

There’s a vital but here, though, and it’s due to chartering issues. Thus, this substantially won’t make it into a final register for a N64 Classic Mini. With Rare being bought by Microsoft, this was one of a many games that was a partial of a Rare Replay gathering crafted for Xbox One. There’s still a possibility that Microsoft will pointer a singular understanding with Nintendo, yet when there’s a large library of games to collect from, Jet Force Gemini competence be pushed to a side.



There’s a wishlist! What’s yours, and what’d we consider of ours? Let us know in a comments what games you’d like to see on a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition!

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