38 Google Pixel 2 And 2 XL Tips And Tricks You Should Know About

Google Pixel 2

Google expelled a Pixel 2 and 2 XL smartphone inclination around a center of Oct 2017. And ever given a release, both of a inclination have been receiving plain reviews notwithstanding a few arrangement and audio hiccups along a way. Google extended a guaranty by a year and expelled program updates to residence those problems.

Do we possess a Google Pixel 2 or 2 XL? Here are 38 Pixel 2 tips and tricks that we competence find to be handy:

1.) Activate Developer Settings

You can activate developer settings by going to Settings System About phone. Then when we corkscrew down to a bottom and daub on a Build number, we will see a series of developer options.

And after a developer settings are unlocked, we will notice a territory for it underneath a Settings menu. You can spin it on or off regulating a toggle switch during a top.

2.) Adjust App Permissions

If we do not wish an app to lane your location, afterwards we can adjust app permissions on your Pixel device. This can be tranquil by going to Settings Apps notifications Permissions. And afterwards invalidate plcae entrance within a app’s settings.

3.) Adjust Double Tap To Wake

There is a approach to spin a double daub to arise underline on or off. You can do this by going to Settings Display Advanced Double-tap to check phone.

4.) Adjust The Keyboard Height

With your Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL, we can adjust a keyboard tallness settings. To do this, simply go to Settings System Languages, submit gestures Virtual keyboard Manage keyboards Google Keyboard Keyboard Height. Adjust a slider until a keyboard is during a tallness that we like.

5.) Ambient Display

You can control a Ambient Display by going to Settings Display Advanced Ambient Display Always On. This underline radically wakes a shade when a device is picked adult or notifications are received.

6.) Animated Wallpapers

When we are looking during a wallpaper options on your Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, we will notice several engaging options like “Living universe” and “Come alive.” The “Living universe” options pierce somewhat in a credentials such as relocating clouds and waves on a beach. And a “Come alive” wallpapers spur after we daub or appropriate on it and also  changes formed on a time.

To change a wallpaper, prolonged press a Home shade and daub on a wallpaper icon.

7.) App Suggestions

At a tip of a app tray, we will be means to see suggestions for apps to open formed on a time of day. You can set this underline adult by going to a home shade settings by prolonged dire a wallpaper and drumming on “App suggestions.”

8.) At A Glance

The “At A Glance” underline on a Pixel 2 and 2 XL automatically pulls event-related information from your inbox like moody sum and appointments. You can spin this off by going to a Home shade and prolonged dire on an dull area. Then daub on Home Settings At a Glance. From there, toggle on or off a equipment we wish “At a Glance” to track.

9.) Battery Saver Mode

Need to safety some of your battery? There is a built-in battery saver mode to assistance we safety battery life in box we will not have entrance to a horse for a while. You can implement this underline by going to Settings Battery Battery saver.

10.) Clear Up Storage Space

Google has done it easy to giveaway adult storage space with Android Oreo. You can do this by going to Settings Storage and drumming on a symbol that says “Free Up Space.”

And afterwards a device will benefaction a list of equipment it suggests we to remove. This could embody apps that we do not use frequently and downloads that we might no longer need. The apps will be displayed by distance and a dates we final used any one.

11.) Creating Shortcut Icons

A series of apps have shortcuts that we can supplement to a Home screen, that will take your true to that function. To supplement shortcuts, reason and reason down a app and lift your finger.If that app has shortcuts, afterwards we will see a list of a ones available. Then reason and reason a by-pass and slip it to where we wish it.

12.) Delete Backed Up Photos

One of a optimal facilities built into Android Oreo is a ability to automatically transparent adult space on your phone by stealing photos and videos that are already corroborated up. You can set this adult by going to Settings Storage Smart Storage. And afterwards we can set a time support for stealing photos and videos automatically after 30, 60 or 90 days.

13.) File Explorer

Within Android, there is a approach to try files on your device. You can see this underline by going to Settings Storage Files. When we daub on this feature, we will see a files and folders that are on your device.

14.) Find Your Device With A Google Search

Google has done it easy to hunt for your Android device by simply doing a search. As prolonged as we are logged into Google on your Android device, we can hunt for “Find My Device” on Google.com in your web browser and a plcae where your device was located many recently will be displayed. You can also remotely erase a device if it got stolen or have it ring in box we unnoticed it.

15.) Flip Camera

Under Settings System Languages, submit gestures, there is a underline called Flip camera. This allows we to switch in and out of selfie mode by double rambling your device while regulating a Camera app.

16.) Floating Google Maps Window

There is a approach to have Google Maps boyant on your phone so we can follow directions as we switch between apps. You can do this by drumming a Home symbol while Google Maps is open. Then a Google Maps app will cringe into a smaller window during a dilemma of a screen.

17.) Gestures For The Camera

There are several gestures we can use to perform certain actions on a camera. Here is a few of them that we should try out:

Did we know that we can switch between print and video constraint regulating a discerning appropriate gesture? When we appropriate down on a shade in landscape mode or left and right in mural mode, we will switch between print and video capture.

The volume symbol can be used for capturing photos and branch a video recorder on and off if we do not wish to reason a display. And dire and holding a volume symbol will constraint photos in detonate mode.

If we fast wish to wizz in on something while regulating a camera, afterwards double daub on a viewfinder. This will have a camera wizz during 2x.

18.) IP67 Rating

The Pixel 2 and 2 XL are both rated IP67. This means it is dirt explanation and is means to withstand being submerged in 1 scale of H2O for adult to 30 minutes. So if we wish to use your Pixel 2 and 2 XL in a showering and shoal areas of a pool, it should be safe.

19.) Locking The Exposure

If we wish to close a bearing while we are holding a print or video, afterwards we can do that by pulling down on a shade while a camera app is open. Then we will notice that it says AE/FE locked. To set adult this underline while in video mode, daub to concentration and afterwards daub on a close idol during a tip of a bearing slider.

20.) Modify The Icon And Screen Size

There is a approach to adjust a distance of a icons and a shade distance on a Pixel 2 and 2 XL. You can set this adult by going to Settings Display Advanced. From there, name a Display distance choice and pierce a slider until a icons are a distance of your liking.

21.) Notification Dots

A accessible underline in Android Oreo for tracking app activity is called presentation dots. This underline places dots on apps that have a presentation or other calm to uncover you.

Once this underline is activated, afterwards we can prolonged press on an app that has a dot to see a notifications. To spin this underline on and off, we can find it underneath Settings Apps notifications Notifications.

22.) Pinning Screens

Pinning screens can come in accessible if we tend to share your phone with other people regularly. This underline prevents people from being means to corkscrew behind and onward between other pages of your home screen. You can set this adult by going to Settings Security plcae Screen pinning.

And we can pin apps by opening a app and drumming on a multitasking block button. From there, go to a bottom and daub on a pin icon. And we can unpin a app by going to a pinned screen, touching and holding a Back (triangle) and Overview (square) buttons. You might be asked to enter your PIN, settlement or cue before we can unpin again.

23.) Recognize Songs Automatically

On a Pixel 2 and 2 XL, we can set adult a inclination so that it automatically listens to songs that are personification in a credentials and it displays sum about it on your close screen. You can set this adult by going to Settings Sounds Advanced Now Playing.

24.) Review Apps That Are Using The Most Storage

If we are regulating low on storage space, afterwards we can figure out that apps are regulating a many storage by going to Settings Storage and drumming on App storage. This territory will arrangement how many storage that any app is using.

25.) Scheduling Do Not Disturb

When we appropriate down a Quick Settings menu and press and reason down a Do Not Disturb button, we will be means to customize a time that we wish a underline to be incited on automatically. Generally, we set adult Do Not Disturb for a times we am customarily sleeping so we am not interrupted by a notifications in a center of a night.

26.) Search For Settings

One of a facilities that creates it easier to find specific settings is a ability to hunt for it. You can hunt for settings by drumming on a magnifying potion in a Settings menu and form what we are looking for.

27.) See A New Wallpaper Every Day

The Pixel 2 and 2 XL has a series of wallpapers already included, though we can set it adult so that it shows we a opposite one each day. This underline radically rotates between a collection of wallpapers each day. You can set this adult by prolonged dire a home screen, drumming Wallpapers, selecting a collection and afterwards drumming on Daily wallpaper.

28.) Set Time Controls For Night Light

The Night Light underline built into Android reduces a liughtness of your arrangement during night to forestall aria on a eyes. You can report a timing of a Night Light underline by going to Settings Display Night Light. This environment area also allows we to adjust a paint of a Night Light.

29.) Set Up Gestures For Opening The Camera

You can set adult a gesticulate by-pass for opening a camera. For example, we can set adult your phone so that a double press of a energy or standby symbol can open a camera. This environment can be found in Settings System Languages submit Gestures. And afterwards spin on Jump to camera.

30.) Smart Lock

There is a underline called Smart Lock that allows we to equivocate carrying to clear your Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL in certain situations. This includes on-body detection, devoted places, devoted devices, devoted faces and devoted voices.

On-body showing allows we to set adult your device so that it is unbarred while it is on you. Trusted places keeps your device unbarred while it is during certain places like your work or home.

Trusted inclination allows we to keep a device unbarred as it detects another device by Bluetooth like your smartwatch or intelligent speaker. Trusted face uses facial approval for unlocking a device. And devoted voice detects your voice for unlocking a device.

You can set this adult by going to Settings Security plcae Smart Lock. Then name a choice that we prefer.

31.) Split Screen

With Android Oreo, we can set adult separate screen. This can be activated by pulling down and holding a new apps button. Then name a second app and configure a distance and placement.

For this to work, a app would have to support split-screen. To exit a separate shade mode, we simply have to press and reason a new apps button.

32.) Squeeze For Google Assistant

One of a many singular facilities in a Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL is Active Edge, that allows we to activate Google Assistant by squeezing a side of a phone. You can control this underline by going to Settings Languages, submit gestures Advanced Gestures.

The Active Edge settings allows we to adjust a fist attraction or it can be disabled. And we can also toggle either we wish this underline to work while a shade is off and fist your device to overpower alarms, incoming calls, timers, etc.

33.) System UI Tuner

The System UI Tuner in Android allows we to entrance initial features. You can set this adult by swiping down a Quick Settings and prolonged dire a settings idol during a tip — that is subsequent to a battery icon.

Once a System UI Tuner is unlocked, there will be a new choice underneath Settings System menu. To invalidate a System UI Tuner, go behind to a System UI Tuner menu and daub a menu symbol during a tip right.

One of a options with a System UI Tuner is a ability to customize a standing bar during a top. For example, we can mislay a icons we do not wish to have located there.

34.) Take A Screenshot

If we wish to take a screenshot on your Pixel 2 and 2 XL, afterwards we can simply do so by pulling down on a Power symbol and afterwards dire a Volume Down button. The screenshot will uncover adult in a presentation shade and afterwards we can share and undo it from there.

35.) Turning Motion Photos On And Off

Motion Photos are charcterised photos that are in a form of a brief video. This underline is identical to Apple’s Live Photos.

You can capacitate and invalidate Motion Photos by drumming on a idol that looks like a round in a ring while your camera app is open. This idol also appears in a Photos app on images that were taken with Motion Photos enabled.

36.) Unlimited High-Quality Photo And Video Backup

One of a biggest advantages of carrying a Pixel 2 and 2 XL is entrance to high peculiarity print and video backups on Google Photos until 2020. This means that it will upload a strange peculiarity of a photos and 4K videos to your Google Photos until then.

And to my understanding, Google will not hillside a photos and videos that we uploaded when that time comes. But after 2020, a reduce peculiarity photos and videos will be corroborated adult to Google Photos unless we have opted for a reward aloft peculiarity backup plan. So we should take full advantage of this underline while it is accessible for free.

37.) Use The Fingerprint Sensor For Seeing Notifications

To make it easier to see your notifications, Google combined a approach to use a fingerprint sensor on a behind of a Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL. You can set this adult by going to Settings System Languages, submit and Gestures Advanced Swipe Finger for Notifications. After we spin this on, we can appropriate down on a fingerprint sensor to see a presentation tray.

38.) Vivid Colors

The Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL has a pleasing arrangement and there is a approach to make a colors on a shade pop. You can set this adult by going to Settings Display Vivid colors.

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