4 things to know about Google’s Files Go app

Managing storage on a phone or inscription is one of a some-more irritating tasks we have to ordinarily understanding with. Users are faced with questions of determining that apps to delete, how most room it will save, and sport down files that only aren’t needed.

Google’s Files Go app was recently released, and a whole purpose is to assistance we conduct storage.

Apps and files


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The home page of a Files Go app sum storage volume of your device, and how most space is being used. Below that is a feed, identical to Google Now or a Assistant feed in Google Photos, that creates recommendations to assistance giveaway adult some space.

You will accept alerts for things like apps we haven’t used in a past 30 days, or apps with a vast cache of nonessential files, audio files, or transcribe files stored on your device.

Go by any alert, collect and name what stays and what goes, afterwards glory during your newly reclaimed space.

File Viewer


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At a bottom of a app is a Files tab. The Files territory offers a record manager view, with files damaged down into types. The sections embody downloads, perceived files, apps, images, videos, audio and documents.

The files that uncover adult in any difficulty don’t indispensably come from a suitable Android storage folders. Instead, a Files Go apps scans your device and adds a files to a app.

Naturally, we can undo and conduct any files in this territory of a app. Furthermore, we can use a share symbol to behind adult a record to Google Drive or Dropbox before stealing it from your phone or tablet.

AirDrop, though for Android


Screenshots by Jason Cipriani/CNET

It’s a bit hidden, though Files Go includes a ability to share files with circuitously friends. It works in a lot of ways like Apple’s AirDrop feature, regulating a secure hotspot tie between dual inclination to send a file.

Instead of being means to send files to pointless strangers, a target will have to approve a tie between a inclination before anything can be sent or received.

To use a record pity feature, any chairman will need to revisit a Files add-on and name Send or Receive. After that, follow a prompts to finish a transfer.



Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

In a Settings for Files Go, we can change a name that shows adult for record sharing, and control alerts for several triggers (low storage or vast media files, for example).

Within a few mins of installing Files Go on my Pixel 2 XL ($849.99 during Best Buy), we recovered over 500MB of space though doing most of anything. Now that might not sound like a lot, though for those who are still regulating a 16GB or 32GB device, that 500MB can meant a lot.

More tabs ...

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