5 Android phones with unconventional edge-to-edge displays that nobody would ever mistake for an iPhone X


Like it or not, a nick has taken over smartphone design.

The Essential Phone had it first, but when Apple added one to a iPhone X, it desirous legions of smartphone makers to supplement a copycat notch to their possess devices.

If you’re unknown with a notch, it’s a rectilinear black space during a tip of a smartphone shade that mostly houses a selfie camera and front-facing sensors. Smartphone manufacturers have started adopting a nick as a approach to make a arrangement edge-to-edge, rather than have a black bar along a whole tip of a screen.

‘Android P’ Software to Include iPhone X ‘Notch’ Capabilities According to Bloomberg, Android will renovate a phones to embody a hallmark ‘notch’ underline of a iPhone X. The nick is a black cutout during a tip of a iPhone X that includes camera and other sensors. This will concede a new inclination to support new facilities that are renouned among Apple customers. The Android P program will also stress Google’s Assistant, that is a homogeneous to Siri and Alex. Currently, Essential’s smartphone is a usually other device with a notch.

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But while many people like a bigger screen, not everybody is a fan of a notch. That’s expected because several smartphone manufacturers have started to come adult with designs that equivocate a nick altogether. While some of these designs are still in a antecedent stage, others will be accessible to buy as shortly as this year.

Here are 5 cool, artistic ways smartphone makers are building inclination that no one would mistake for an iPhone X:

The Vivo Nex has a dark pop-out selfie camera.


At initial glance, a Vivo Nex appears to have a arrangement that’s wholly shade — in fact, a phone has a better screen-to-body ratio compared to a iPhone X (91.2% vs. 83%), as totalled by GSM Arena.

But when you’re prepared to take a photo, a little camera will cocktail out of an enclosing during a tip of a screen. 

There are a handful of other facilities that make a Vivo Nex one of a many unconventional phones on a market: Vivo combined a “Screen SoundCasting” record that transmits audio waves by a arrangement itself, and combined an invisible fingerprint sensor dark underneath a display. 

So far, a Vivo Nex will usually be accessible in China. 

The OnePlus 6 has a notch, though it also has a choice to censor it.

Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider

The new OnePlus 6 comes with a nifty underline for those who can’t mount notches: Inside a settings, you’ll have a choice to spin it “off.”

The nick itself will sojourn — after all, it’s partial of a phone’s design. Instead, branch a nick off will change the wallpaper to black along a tip of a shade and stops apps from spilling over into a areas on possibly side of a notch. The tip of a shade will afterwards demeanour like a normal Android presentation bar.

This underline isn’t singular to OnePlus — we can also close off a nick on a LG G7 ThinQ.

The Doogee Mix 4 brings behind a slider.


When entrance adult with a approach to equivocate a notch, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Doogee went retro. 

The Doogee Mix 4 has a shifting behind covering that houses a phone’s camera. The camera will stay dark many of a time, though when you’re prepared to take a photo, all we have to do is slip a behind upwards. For anyone who used a Palm Pre or T-Mobile Sidekick behind in a day, this pattern will feel familiar.

The Doogee Mix 4 isn’t accessible yet, and all we’ve seen of it so distant is a non-working antecedent that UK tech YouTube Arun Maini got his hands on. But Maini speculated that a phone could arrive as shortly as Dec and cost around $300.

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