5 Essential Accessories For Your New iPhone

Did we get a new iPhone this holiday season? This is a rigging that we need for listening to music, charging on a go, gripping it protected, and more. 

Apple Airpods Pro

The hype is real. You competence boot Apple’s latest iteration of their princely Airpods as so most overpriced plastic. Except they work usually as good as Apple says they do. The active sound termination positively eliminates outward noise, though we can also simply invalidate it to have a conversation. Being means to respond to messages hands giveaway (with a small call from Siri) is splendidly convenient. And we won’t be means to find any other earbuds that are easier to setup and use (unless we get another span of Apple earphones). At $249, they’re not cheap, though they’re value it. 

Nomad Base Station

The easiest approach to keep your phone surfaced off any night is with a wireless charger. This leather and walnut bottom hire from Nomad is a classiest approach to do usually that. It has 3 10W charging coils underneath a leather charging pad, so we can assign mixed inclination during a same time. There’s also USB A and C ports in a behind if we have a device that we need to block in to charge. The genuine walnut finish is singular and won’t demeanour like each other white or black cosmetic iPhone charging appendage out there. 

Razer Arctech

If we sealed adult for Apple Arcade when we got your new iPhone, we competence notice that your iPhone is already using hotter than normal. Add a box and that can meant disaster for your phone’s inner hardware. That’s since I’ve been tender with a opening of Razer’s Arctech line of cases. They come in 3 flavors. The Slim has symbol cutouts. The Pro gives full fender protection. And a Pro THS adds an embossed Razer trademark to a Pro. Out of a three, we cite a Pro for a combined fender (because we always, always dump your phone on a edge). They all have a covering of Thermapene on a behind of a box that vents feverishness around those small holes. It keeps your iPhone cold and stable during a same time. It’s also a usually white box that I’ve seen indeed stay white after months of use.  


My “uncase” of choice, Toast is a genuine timber applique that sticks directly to your iPhone. Protecting it though adding a lot of additional bulk. Toast is easy to use, creates your iPhone demeanour great, doesn’t meddle with feverishness abolition or wireless charging, and is a slimmest approach accessible to strengthen your device. Toast’s owner told me that he combined Toast to yield “cases for people who don’t wish cases” and this really fits a bill. With Toast, my phone is protected, though isn’t any bulkier. The usually emanate is that Toast is a one-time solution. Taking it off your phone destroys a applique (but leaves no excess on your iPhone). You can get a iPhone X chronicle on Amazon, though there are extremely some-more options on a Toast website

Otterbox Mobile Device Care Kit

My favorite new iPhone appendage is decidedly low tech. In fact, it’s flattering most no-tech. This Mobile Device Care Kit from Otterbox comes with all we need to keep your new iPhone looking shiny. Packaged in a fun tin, it contains 3 shade and pier mini-brushes, a micro-fiber cloth, and 9 ethanol wipes. There’s been some-more than a few times that I’ve wished we had something like a mini brushes with me to get mud out of a lightning pier on my iPhone. It’s ideal if you’re like me and usually meaningful that we can’t scrupulously purify your phone right now is adequate to confuse we totally from whatever you’re doing. The tin is easy to toss in a bag or your slot so we can be prepared during a moment’s notice. 

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