5 essential tech options for your new car

A automobile is never only a car. Yes, there’s a engine, windshield, and axle; these tools have been elemental to cars given they were famous as “horseless carriages.” But a complicated automobile is heavily computerized, with oxygen sensors, a fortitude controller, a powertrain module, and a immeasurable network of other functions.

Now, cars are some-more worldly than ever: Bluetooth, rear-view cameras, and zoned heat controls are customary facilities in 2018 models. Too many people don’t consider about a immeasurable volume of information collection that happens. 

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As automotive record ceaselessly improves, connected cars can radically raise your pushing – and even waiting in a expostulate can be a energetic experience. If you’re in a marketplace for a connected car, here are 5 essential facilities to consider:

1. Telematics

Simply put, telematics is a connected complement that can guard your vehicle’s function remotely.

With a assistance of a GPS system, computers, sensors, onboard evidence systems and telecommunication record (like a one we use for your smartphone), telematics can collect and send your car’s critical information to a centralized government network.

This information might embody your car’s location, speed, mileage, tire pressure, fuel use, braking, engine/battery status, motorist function and more. Telematics is already being widely used by several industries like delivery, towing, and open ride to guard whole fleets of vehicles. With real-time plcae tracking, your car’s dashboard can arrangement impending information like live continue conditions, trade updates and parking lot information.

Telematics can also surprise your play if your automobile might be in need of use shortly or warning and send your accurate plcae and automobile diagnostics to roadside assistance companies like AAA.

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2. Audio streaming and apps

If you’re like me, we adore streaming music, generally when you’re pushing home after a prolonged day during work. Now that a days of hauling your whole CD collection to a automobile are substantially gone, we substantially have a song streaming use of choice. These facilities are generally accessible for drivers with total information plans.

Many drivers span their smartphones around Bluetooth or bond them around a headphone jack, though it’s foolish to navigate an app while bombing down a highway.

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That’s because many new cars yield “infotainment” systems, with screens embedded in a dashboard. Many automobile infotainment systems have their possess dedicated song streaming apps, and in-car smartphone syncing systems like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will arrangement a streaming app’s interface on a dashboard itself. You can entrance apps like Spotify, Pandora, Google Play, Amazon Music and Apple Music for song streaming, Stitcher and Pocket Casts for podcasts, and Audible for audiobooks on a go.

Keep in mind that we will need an active subscription for many of these apps before we can tide song and calm in your car. And be certain to watch your information usage, too!

3. Bluetooth and USB energy ports


Aside from hands-free calling, we can use your car’s Bluetooth wireless tie for audio playback, information tethering, and infotainment complement integration.

You wish during slightest one USB pier in your new automobile to assign your smartphone on a go. These USB ports can also be used in place of Bluetooth connections. This way, your phone is synced with a car.

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4. Hands-free texting and calling

To review a content message, drivers take their eyes off a highway for an normal of 5 seconds – copiousness of time to T-bone a branch truck. At 55 mph, reading a content is like pushing a length of an whole football margin with your eyes closed.

Thousands of lives have been mislaid due to distracted-driving associated accidents in a U.S. with a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) citing 3,477 deaths over a march of a singular year in 2015.

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Hands-free job and texting are still imperfect, and we don’t suggest interacting with any device while handling a engine vehicle. But newer infotainment systems let we span adult your smartphone around Bluetooth so we can take calls over a car’s audio system. This way, articulate on a phone isn’t that most opposite from chatting with someone in a newcomer seat.

While connected, we can also use your phone’s practical partner like Android’s “OK, Google” or Apple’s Siri to review your new content messages and even fire a discerning respond around voice.

However, it’s still most safer to equivocate all phone distractions while pushing so we suggest that we spin on your phone’s “Do not disturb” modes.

You can also set adult auto-reply texts that folks accept while we are driving. Tap or click here for a stairs to spin on auto-reply on your Android or iPhone.

5. Apple Car Play or Android Auto

Many infotainment modules have partnered with tech companies like Google and Apple, and your smartphone can integrate to these systems around Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.

These dual systems are similar. They automatically sync adult your smartphone with your automobile for music, navigation, streaming audio and innumerable communications. They have been a strike with consumers, and they will expected turn customary facilities in a entrance years.

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Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is designed to automatically sync with your iPhone so that we can safely use your phone in your car. Basically, CarPlay allows drivers to use certain apps by an in-dash display, rather than on a phone itself. In fact, a complement syncs adult to a designated smartphone but carrying to mislay it from your purse or pocket.

You can get directions, make phone calls, send and accept messages, and listen to music. CarPlay allows we to use your iPhone while staying protected and focusing on a road. All we have to do is bond your phone with a USB cable.

CarPlay facilities Siri voice control and is designed for pushing scenarios. It also works with a car’s controls, buttons, knobs, touchpad or touchscreen. Apps themselves have also been redesigned for a car, so we can use them while you’re driving.

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Android Auto

If we have an Android smartphone, chronicle 5.0 or higher, we can renovate your automobile into your phone with an Android Auto system.

Android Auto isn’t a standalone unit; your automobile might have come with an Android Auto on a dashboard arrangement screen, or we might have purchased a stereo with a arrangement screen.

To use it, you’ll need a Android Auto app, that is giveaway in a Google Play Store. Similar to Apple CarPlay, we have to integrate adult an Android tool with a USB wire to make it work.

The shade displays a driver-friendly chronicle of a Android apps we wish to use while driving. Even a GPS on your phone works with Android Auto, and we don’t have to compensate a price for updated maps.

Android Auto has a some-more straightforward, cleaner demeanour than your smartphone. So, instead of scanning dozens of apps for a one we want, there are only a integrate of easy-to-see functions on Android Auto screens.

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