5 Google Drive Hacks That Will Transform a Way You Work

Since its launch five years ago, Google Drive has turn an indispensable partial of how we work.

I can hardly remember a time when my Masthead Media co-workers and we would indeed email content papers and spreadsheets and wait for any other to examination them and make revisions. How impossibly retro–and unproductive

Over time, Drive has combined a ton of new features–improvements we competence not comprehend exist–which can assistance we urge your workflow. The 5 spotlighted here can keep we blazing by your work within a app, rather than opening new windows or programs to get a pursuit done. 

1. A Shortcut to Keyboard Shortcuts

When keyboard shortcuts turn second nature, they assistance cut down so most work (what would life even be like though [command] + [X] + [command]+ [V]?). Drive has some good ones, though let me save we a difficulty of committing them to memory: there is a keyboard by-pass to find a keyboard shortcuts (it’s Google Drive Inception). Just click [command] + [=] + [/] and a searchable list of shortcuts is during your fingertips.

2. Convert PDFs or Text Images to Text

Did someone send we a PDF that we unequivocally wanted as a Word doc? Just upload it to Drive, and afterwards name “Open With Word” underneath “More Actions” (or by right-clicking). The formatting won’t be perfect–though in my knowledge it’s improved than duplicating and pasting into a Word doc–but it really beats retyping a document

3. Research as You Write

As Google is a life force behind Drive, it’s usually healthy that Google Search is built in seamlessly. Use a “Explore” choice (formerly famous as “Research”) underneath “Tools” to hunt for that discerning fact we need for your display though even clicking divided from Drive.

4. See Revision History

So one of your collaborators altered something in a document, spreadsheet, or presentation, and we wish to revive what we had. It happens. Instead of clicking remove over and over in hopes that we can repair it, check out a Version History underneath File. To forestall this from function again, control who can entrance and revise your document.

5. Controlling Access

Speaking of which, wish to send a request as a perspective only? Or only open it adult for comments, as against to approach edits? Go to Advanced Options underneath FileShare, and control who can see, edit, and criticism on your document. You can even set an death date for access, that comes in accessible when we have a tough deadline for creation changes to a document.

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