5 Reasons To Buy Google’s Pixel 2 XL Over Apple’s iPhone X

The new Google Pixel 2 XL. Photo credit:ELIJAH NOUVELAGE/AFP/Getty Images

Whilst there were few surprises during yesterday’s Pixel 2 launch, interjection to continuous leaks over a final few months, a Search hulk did conduct to lift one or dual rabbits out of a hat.

But are those goodies adequate to tempt new business and boot a captivate of Apple’s new iPhone X? Let’s mangle down a top-five consumer accessible facilities we won’t get on an iPhone.  

Don’t forget to demeanour out my relapse for since a iPhone X is a improved choice tomorrow. 

Unlimited Google Drive storage for cinema and videos

Earlier this week we opined about how Google needs to extend a giveaway Drive storage for Pixel owners to some-more than usually cinema and videos. That, frustratingly, didn’t happen.

But a delay of free, total storage for all cinema and videos taken by Pixel owners is apparently welcome. Especially given Apple’s iCould, well, isn’t giveaway (beyond 5GB).

In a field, a really believe of carrying that total space has been freeing, in a sense. Battling with how most storage is left on your phone is a constant, whinging worry that doesn’t need to exist. And sifting by thousands of terrible photos – to see that should be binned – is never something I’m going to do, nonetheless we substantially will have to during some point. But, for now, I’m happy to flog that can down a highway with total giveaway storage and leave that problem to Future Me.


During yesterday’s Google display we couldn’t assistance flapping off into a nightmarish illusion (the genuine kind, not a VR headset) about an AI eventuality horizon. This daydream, corroborated by Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel’s The Sound of Silence, was since we were being taken by Google Assistant’s new ‘features’.

Real-time denunciation interpretation and intent approval that provides evident contextual information are roughly positively a harbingers of humanity’s end. But, in a meantime, they’re also utterly useful.

Aside from a gimmicks like squeezing a Pixel 2 to launch Assistant, it’s transparent there are some honestly useful bland functionality built into Assistant. Google showed a good instance of this in action: a commuter, removing into their car, and seeking Google one question.

Assistant afterwards lists out a best track to take, where they let off on a podcast they were listening to, and lists any unread messages they’ve received. You know, like an actual assistant.

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It’s cheaper. $150 cheaper.

Google Lens

This is some-more of that AI things that’s going to kill us all, though hopefully not until after Christmas.

Google Lens will mark a design and give we hunt formula formed on a intent it’s forked at. For example, holding a design of a dog will tell we what kind of dog it is – and also not to take cinema of other people’s dogs. Landmarks, food and drink, art – we name it and Lens will tell you.

Well, that’s a theory. When we attempted this out final night, Lens couldn’t figure out what I’d usually taken a design of (take a demeanour below, apologies for a dodgy camera work). It was a strange Pixel phone. Humans 1, AI 0.

Jay McGregor

Google Lens can’t mark a possess sibling.

Pixel Buds and interpretation

Google’s new earphones, a Pixel Buds,combined with Assistant’s translation, are an engaging proposition.

The thought is simple: real-time denunciation interpretation aided by vocalization to your earphones. It’s a problem tech people have been perplexing to solve for yonks and Microsoft was arguably one of a initial to a finish line with a identical Skype feature.

But Google’s headphones make use of a underline in a usually unfolding that anyone would use it: travelling. Speaking to a chairman face to face.

But there’s one apparent downside, both parties need to have a Pixel and Pixel Buds to use a feature, that means you’ll substantially never use it in any unsentimental sense.

Things to consider

For Assistant to work in a best approach possible, we need to give it entrance to all we do. It needs your information, it needs your commands it needs to understand you. Google builds a form on we and, during some indicate along a chain, that form allows Google to offer targeted adverts to you, that are outrageous aspect of a business.

So there are apparent remoteness concerns here. Google, of course, isn’t a usually association to do this. Silicone Valley relies on a ‘free’ products in sequence to distinction from your activity (hint: you’re a product). The unconventional lifestyle these companies clearly offer with their products come with a dim tiny imitation that we should review carefully.

There’s also a good possibility that Google will struggle with stock, that could meant a extensive wait for your pre-order to arrive. If you’re a long-time Pixel or Nexus user, this will not be news to you.

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