5 Reasons To Buy Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Over The Google Pixel 2

Samsung Galaxy S9. Photo credit: AP Photo/Richard Drew

Samsung Galaxy S9 or Pixel 2? If you’re an Android fan, this is the question you’ll be seeking yourself right now.

But how do a final dual loyal titans of Android smoke-stack adult opposite any when it comes to value for money? Let’s run by a 5 best facilities a Galaxy S9 has over a Pixel 2.

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The super delayed lane

There’s a good possibility you’ll have seen Samsung’s new slow-motion underline on a S9, that can record footage in 720p during 960fps, widen out 0.2 seconds of footage into 6 and automobile envision when to start slow-motion recording. In action, it’s impressive, usually take a demeanour during Ian Morris popping a H2O balloon in delayed suit below.

Up opposite Google’s Pixel 2, in terms of delayed suit recording, a S9 blows it out of a water. The Pixel 2 can usually record 240 fps during 720p.

Slow suit ability is maybe not an apparent reason to squeeze one device over another, though as someone who extensively tested a underline on Sony’s XZ Premium, we can contend it’s one of those facilities we didn’t know we indispensable until we had it.

When we prisoner a thespian impulse during a mostly drama-free diversion of list tennis, we was a convert. As with anything camera associated on smartphones, carrying a good delayed suit underline is good WhatsApp and amicable media fodder, so keep it in a behind of your mind when it’s time to upgrade.

Headphone jack

If you’ve battled with joining your wireless headphones to your phone or mislaid an AirPod- you’ll know a significance of a headphone jack. If your Monday morning invert to work isn’t unpleasant enough, try not carrying adequate energy to listen to that same playlist you’re already ill of hearing.

We can disagree a toss about audio peculiarity and saved inner space, but, for me, this a 3.5mm tie is a elementary necessity. we conclude phone manufacturers holding leaps of faith to pierce record – and a attention – forward, though this is one of those (rare) issues I’m happy to be a regressive about. #BringBackTheJack – or, we know, usually buy a Samsung Galaxy S9 instead of a Pixel 2 or iPhone X/8/7.


Samsung has smarty, and dramatically, softened a phone advancing hire that turns a Galaxy S9 into a desktop PC – famous as a Dex Pad. The prior iteration compulsory a rodent and keyboard, and a sincerely clunky advancing station. The new device can use a phone as both a trackpad and a keyboard, as good as a being smaller, prosaic re-imagination of a prior advancing station.

Technically, it can also energy 2560×1440 monitors, since a aged DeX could usually energy 1080p screens. This widens a range of where DeX can be used and therefore reduces a separator to entry, that is a whole indicate of a device. Samsung has built a mostly pain-free desktop knowledge with a slightest volume of additional rigging and rigmarole needed.

Storage wars double sim

Samsung’s life-long process of doing everything, all of a time, all during once, creates me as a consumer happy. As others possibly don’t acquire or ditch expandable memory, Samsung not usually kept it alive though upped ability to 400GB in a S9.

Chances are we have your pictures, videos and phone backups on a cloud – though carrying a earthy choice is always welcome. For someone like me who uses a lot of SD cards for video work, being means to save and examination files though a need to foot adult my PC is also impossibly useful.

Staying within a suggestion of doing everything, Samsung has also combined dual-sim capabilities to a S9 (in some markets), that means we can run dual apart sim cards during once and have dual apart numbers. If we travel, or – for reasons we won’t ask – we mostly switch numbers – this a really consumer accessible addition.

Always listening, unfortunate to be liked

I overwhelmed on this with my iPhone X comparison and stretched on it in another article, though Samsung is maybe a many pro-consumer phone manufacturer around. It’s simple, Samsung listens. Let’s take a S9 for example, Samsung took a critique of a fingerprint sensor and changed it, it also kept a headphone jack.

Samsung has form here, too. It kept a removable battery in a Galaxy S5 when others were streamer over to a sealed design, it also brought behind expandable storage after stealing it in a Galaxy S6. Where Apple and Google forges forward with new concepts – that might or might not work – and army them on their customers, Samsung is so fervent to greatfully a whole plan and roadmap is totally malleable. For consumers, that’s a good trait.

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