5 Reasons To Buy The OnePlus 6 Over Google’s Pixel 2 XL

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File

The OnePlus 6’s categorical rival, notwithstanding what a Chinese manufacturer says, is a device that’s closest to it: Google’s Pixel 2 XL.

They’re both targeting a same form of Android users who preference a interconnected down, rarely customizable knowledge over a heavily skinned, and infrequently gimmicky Android competition.

But how does it actually fare in a head-to-head stakes? And, some-more importantly, that one is value your money?

Don’t forget to check out my breakdowns for a Galaxy S9 and iPhone X.  

Price perfect

Google’s Pixel 2XL, a tip spec smartphone, absolutely beats Samsung and Apple’s flagships on price, that is considerable deliberation what we get for your money. But it falls brief during $649 when it’s adult opposite OnePlus’s $529.

There’s arguably a decent reason for a aloft price, a Pixel 2’s camera is a best I’ve used on a smartphone. Elsewhere, though, it’s tough to see since you’d compensate a additional for Google’s handset.

The OnePlus 6 has a latest Snapdragon processor, some-more RAM (6/8GB to a Pixel’s 4GB), a headphone jack, some-more storage (256GB for a tip model) and, like a Pixel, it’s on a list of 12 smartphones to get early entrance to Android P.

Serious discounts

OnePlus has also launched a trade-in intrigue to tempt impending buyers. This is not uncommon, Samsung and Apple do a same. But what’s not identical is how most is on offer for aged Pixel 2 XL units (from a UK stores, where I’m based):

  • Samsung offers a limit of £250 for trade in (and doesn’t offer anything for a Pixel 2 XL)
  • Apple is charity £220 for a Google Pixel 2XL
  • OnePlus is charity £270 for a Google Pixel 2 XL
  • Google has no trade in offer

If you’re trade in an aged OnePlus 5, OnePlus will give we £210 for a 5T, Samsung will give we £150 for a OnePlus 5 (no choice for a 5T) and Apple will give we nothing. It looks like OnePlus is charity a best barter rate, that total with a already inexpensive price, means a lot of income can be saved.

A fan favorite

Google done a slight puncture during Apple for stealing a headphone jack in a 2016 Pixel selling material. One year after it followed fit and private it entirely.

The miss of a headphone jack has turn a bone of row for myself, and a little representation of people I’ve quizzed about it. It’s not (yet, during least) a underline that’s unfailing to be consigned to story since a cabled span of headphones are still impossibly available – generally when a wireless buds run out of battery.

Dual sim

This is one of a few areas OnePlus has been forward of a chosen smartphones for some time (with a disproportion of some Samsung models).  

It’s important, too. Dual sim functionality is a disproportion between being stung with a vast phone check abroad – and not. Having a choice to switch between a internal sim when you’re roving will save money. Or, if we have a work phone series – or a apart series for any other reason (no judgments here) – afterwards we won’t need to lift a second phone.

Notch only a gimmick

If we pierce past a fact that a arrangement nick on a OnePlus 6 is a blatant slice off of Apple’s iPhone X pattern – and we entirely know if we can’t – afterwards you’ll see a unsentimental reason for carrying it: some-more screen.

Whilst a Google Pixel 2 XL has a decent 76.4% shade to physique ratio, a OnePlus improves on it with 83.8%, that is interjection to a notch. So you’re removing some-more shade (relative to body) and some-more arrangement integrity for a lot reduction money.

On a other hand…

As we mentioned earlier, Google’s Pixel 2 camera unequivocally is something special. I’m not certain it’s value a additional $120, though we value my cinema some-more – and I’ve turn a improved smartphone photographer – since of it. So we know since you’d compensate a reward for that.

Also, Google likes to incidentally dump a price of a Pixel operation on occasion, or pitch in a giveaway Google Home, that creates it some-more competitive. So keep an eye out for discounts.

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