5 Tips to Help You Get a Most from YouTube TV

Since YouTube TV launched it has solemnly been adding new facilities to make a use even better. After articulate with many new and aged subscribers, I was repelled during how many did not know all YouTube TV has to offer. So, we wish to indicate out some of a best YouTube TV facilities we consider many subscribers should take advantage of. If we are a long-time YouTube TV subscriber, we might already know these options. Yet with a fast expansion of cord cutting, we wish this post helps new subscribers learn how to get a many out of YouTube TV.

Here are my tip 5 tips to assistance we get a many from YouTube TV:

#1 Customer Channel Guides

Ever wish we could emanate your possess tradition channel guide? Ever wish all a sports channels would be during a top? Or bottom? With YouTube TV on mobile devices, we can do usually that.

To do this we initial need to open a YouTube TV app and name a Live tab. There we will find an choice called Sort that will concede we to emanate a tradition channel guide. Tap on a red checkmark to mislay a channel from your tradition view. You can also drag and dump any channel to shuffle them to your elite list.

#2 Family Sharing

With YouTube TV we can share your criticism with adult to 5 opposite people. (You are still singular to 3 streams during once, though 5 people can have their possess logins.) This means that any criticism will get their possess DVR, favorites, and alerts. No longer will we have to see all a shows your kids are DVRing.

To set this up, click on your form print and name Settings. In a Settings, we will find an choice for Family Sharing. Follow a stairs listed there to set adult family sharing.

#3 Parental Controls

YouTube TV offers a good set of parental controls to make YouTube TV child safe. With this option, we can retard shows formed on their ratings. For example, we can usually concede entrance to V-Y, TV-G, TV-Y7-FV, TV-G shows.

To set this up, go into a YouTube TV Settings and name Filter. There we will be means to set adult a parental controls on that YouTube TV account.

#4 Hide Sports Scores

Do we ever DVR a sporting eventuality and don’t wish to know what happened? YouTube TV will by default uncover a measure of a diversion in a channel listing, though we can spin it off.

Here is how we spin off this feature, according to Google:

  1. Open YouTube TV.
  2. Select a crawl menu on a group or joining page.
  3. Toggle on “Hide all scores for this team/league.”

Note: When we spin on this feature, it will be enabled opposite all your devices.

#5 YouTube TV’s Roku Single Sign-on

If we possess a Roku player, we can use Roku’s Single Sign-on underline to record in to mixed network apps during once. This means we can use apps like ESPN and FS1 but carrying to record in to them.

You can find out what apps YouTube TV supports HERE. You can also learn some-more about Roku’s Single Sign-on underline HERE.

Do we have a tip to supplement to this list? Leave us a criticism and let everybody know what we have learned.

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