7 Things You Can Do With The Apple Homepod — Other Than Listen To Music

Apple’s new Homepod orator is, initial and foremost, a flattering damn good speaker. After contrast it for a few weeks, I’ve been tender by a volume of oomph such a tiny and easy-to-hide device can deliver.

Of course, like other voice-control intelligent home hubs such as a Google Home and Amazon Echo, a Homepod can do a whole lot some-more than only play a hits. These products are fundamentally onions of features, constantly startling us with new layers of functionality that might be dark or combined secretly though most fanfare. And while Apple’s Siri voice-control height has been around for several years now, its migration to a smarthome hub-slash-speaker opens adult all sorts of unsentimental use cases that might not have done most clarity when accessed around an iPhone or iPad. After personification around with a device for a few weeks, here are some of a facilities I’ve found quite useful or interesting.

Translate difference or phrases

Turns out, the Homepod and Siri are multilingual. If you’re prepping for a business assembly or general outing and wish to get your phrases set, only contend “Hey Siri, how do we contend ‘Have a good day’ in Chinese,” and your Homepod will separate out a translation. The pretence now works for French, Spanish, German, Mandarin Chinese, and Italian; but I wouldn’t be astounded if some-more languages come soon.

Listen to—and allow to—a podcast

Even a best-designed podcast apps can take a bit of digging to lift adult a specific uncover or episode—especially if we aren’t already a subscriber. If you’ve listened good things about a new uncover and are looking to try it out, there’s no easier approach than to simply ask Siri to play a latest part by your Homepod. The best part: If we like it, a discerning “Hey Siri, allow to this podcast” will do only that. 

The Apple HomePod can do a lot some-more than only play song (NOAH BERGER/AFP/Getty Images)

Use it as a speakerphone

Lets contend you’ve begun phone call on your iPhone and are walking into a room with a Homepod. It’s indeed unequivocally easy to send a call to a device, branch it into a entirely organic speakerphone. To do this, daub a speaker-looking idol in your Phone app and name a Homepod from a list of options. That’s it. If all goes well, a immature light will cocktail adult on a tip of a Homepod and you’ll be giveaway to lift on your call.

Get internal picks

Turns out, your Homepod has a flattering good thought of where it is, so seeking for a best circuitously pizza or BBQ will give we an answer bespoke to your geographic location. It’ll even tell we when a place opens or closes, so we don’t uncover adult to a shuttered store.

Control your stream room

Your Homepod doesn’t know what area a in—it also knows what room. So if we ask it to “turn on a lights” while you’re in a vital room, it’ll do it for that specific room, though incidentally lighting adult a whole house. Going forward, we design this room-specific functionality to be increasingly useful for HomeKit integrations, permitting users to control connected inclination in several bedrooms in a healthy way.

Text a friend

This one is easy. Just say: “Hey Siri, send a summary to Mom revelation her I’ll be late for dinner.” Even better, if your mom writes behind within a few minutes, Homepod will play a carillon sound to let we know

Check traffic

Toss this one in a “expected though damn useful” column. While rushing out the door, we frequently find myself seeking Homepod about a trade to my final destination. Of course, Siri has been means to do this for some time, though there’s something healthy about seeking this device on a approach out a door, though carrying to first reach for my phone.

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