7 things we missed during Google I/O

Google Assistant is your new bartender

At Google I/O, CNET’s Andrew Gebhart shows us how Google Assistant is being integrated into bland inclination like cocktail mixers.

by Andrew Gebhart

After 3 days of I/O, Google’s developers discussion has come to an end. During that time, there were several announcements including Google Lens and updates to Android O and Tango/Daydream. But there were several other pieces of news that competence have flown underneath your radar. Read on to check out all a good things we competence have missed from Google I/O.


Google is going to do some low cleaning in a Play Store.

Kirikk Grouchnikov/Google

Google deletes apps that suck

To urge Android apps, Google is going to undo a ones that means problems. Read: Google declares fight on 1-star app reviews.


Virtual reality, protracted reality, churned reality: Which one are we going with?

James Martin/CNET

AR? VR? UR? What’s in a name?

Both Google and Microsoft are creation leaps to pursue practical existence (VR) and protracted existence (AR). But both companies have opposite names to their approaches. Let a AR-VR territory fight begin. Read: The VR destiny is here though no one can determine on a name for it.


Tango creates your selling knowledge some-more like a video game.


AR emporium to we drop

Finding equipment and products during shops will be a zephyr with AR and indoor mapping. At least, that’s what Google and other dialect stores hope. Read: Google Tango bringing indoor AR mapping to 400 Lowe’s stores.


How prolonged do we VR?


Do we VR?

To get people regulating VR some-more mostly and for longer durations of time (currently, people play with VR a small 5.7 mins a day, or 40 mins a week), Google is on a hunt for a “Angry Birds of VR,” or unequivocally any torpedo app will do. Read: ​Google wants we to use VR some-more than 40 mins a week.


Tango creates classroom AR extraordinary permitted for classrooms.

James Martin/CNET

The ultimate selfie stick

Google has a Tango selfie hang that is a contingency for good AR, generally for kids. It’s all a partial of Google’s pull to move AR into schools. Read: ​Google’s selfie hang AR is a good idea.

Google’s got VR. Next it’s diving into AR

Tango phones and considerable new apps uncover Google’s ambitions for protracted existence in classrooms and homes, and how it’ll work with VR, too.

by Scott Stein

Superpowers for teachers

Google Expeditions is an educational beginning that, for dual years, has taken over 2 million students to a VR and AR versions of a coral reefs and outdoor space. It’s a furious approach to move tech to a classrooms. Read: Google’s ‘superpower’ for teachers: AR and VR.


This phone has both Tango and Daydream, a first.

James Martin/CNET

Tango and Daydream — together during last

If we wish to prove your AR and VR oddity this summer, a Asus ZenFone AR will go on sale this summer by Verizon. Unlike a Tango phone we competence have already listened of, a Lenovo Phab 2 Pro, a ZenFone AR is a initial phone to have both Tango and Daydream. Read: New Tango phone could make perplexing on garments so final year


But wait, there’s more

Other Google I/O news we should check out include:

  • Google Assistant comes to a iPhone
  • Why Google Lens totally won I/O hype
  • Gmail can now respond to emails for you
  • What we didn’t get during Google I/O this year
  • Google Home can now make phone calls

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