8 ways Apple can make HomePod an even improved song player

To call HomePod a biggest Apple Music actor is a bit of an understatement. With hands-free controls, a probably total strain library, and extensive sound, Apple’s new AI-powered orator is a explanation for Apple Music subscribers, mostly since a use is sealed out of each other intelligent speaker.

But even with an unrivalled listening experience, it’s distant from perfect. And I’m not articulate about HomePod’s inability to natively play strain from other services or streaming over Bluetooth, either. Even as a pristine Apple Music player, HomePod has lots of room for improvement, quite when it comes to what Siri can do. Here are 8 ways to urge it before HomePod 2.

Add an equalizer

This is a biggest HomePod head-scratcher. While a Home app includes several settings for customizing your listening experience, sound levels aren’t one of them. For HomePod to be a genuine reward audio device, it needs controls for adjusting frequencies within a app.

Get improved during personification live marks and remixes

With some 40 million Apple Music marks during a disposal, HomePod will play only about anything we wish to hear. But it’s a bit strike or skip when we wish to hear a live version, remix, or choice chronicle of a track. Sometimes we can ask to play a live chronicle of a studio hook you’re listening to and it will oblige, though other times it will play a pointless separate strain or zero during all.

If HomePod is going to be a “music authority” Apple wants it to be, it needs to do improved during anticipating choice versions of songs, quite ones that are already in a libraries.

homepod topDan Masaoka/IDG

Siri should do some-more than it does to control HomePod’s strain library.

Make a controls smarter

When connected to Apple Music, HomePod is means to do things like play, pause, skip, quick forward, etc., though it stops brief of regulating a AI abilities to do things we can’t do on other devices. For example, if we ask Siri to stop personification after this song, it’ll only stop playing. Or if we ask it to stop personification in 10 minutes, it’ll tell we that we don’t have any active alarms.

The indicate of Siri on HomePod shouldn’t be to merely reinstate a hold controls, it should be to raise them and supplement a whole other set of functions.

Sync with other devices

As it stands, HomePod is on island all to itself. While a songs we supplement to your library will uncover adult all of your devices, as good as recently played tracks, it doesn’t sync with your other iOS inclination to emanate smoothness with what you’re playing. In a ideal world, a “A Perfect Circle” strain personification in your automobile would now evidence adult on your HomePod when we arrived home, prepared for we to ask it to continue playing.

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