8 Ways to Fix Google Drive Waiting to Upload Error

Quite mostly we would name a garland of files for uploading them to Google Drive on your phone. After a while when we open Google Drive to check a status, we would be undetermined to see no new files there and greeted with a ‘waiting to upload’ message.

Google Drive Upload Error FiGoogle Drive Upload Error Fi

And zero is worse than being greeted with a retry button. So what does one do? Just let it go and demeanour for alternatives to Google Drive? Of course, not! You need to try a solutions mentioned subsequent to repair a watchful for upload blunder in a Google Drive from your phone.

Let’s start with some of a easy ones to check if they assistance in elucidate a error.

1. Restart Phone

Unable to upload files on Drive can be upsetting. One of a easiest solutions that does wonders is restarting a device. Reboot a phone and afterwards open Drive. The files should start uploading normally.

2. Force Stop App

When an app misbehaves, we should mislay it from a new apps. Hopefully that fixes a issue, though if it persists, we need to take a harsher step of murdering a app. For that, we use a force stop feature on Android.

Google Drive ErrorGoogle Drive Error

Forcefully interlude a app terminates all of a credentials activities and shuts it down instantly. In due process, we competence remove some information or new swell with a app.

To force stop Google Drive, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open device Settings and go to Apps notifications/Application manager/Installed apps depending on a choice accessible on your phone.

Google Drive Upload Error 1Google Drive Upload Error 1

Step 2: Under All apps, daub on Drive followed by Force stop on a subsequent screen. Then open Google Drive again and it should work fine.

Google Drive Upload Error 2Google Drive Upload Error 2
Google Drive Upload Error 3Google Drive Upload Error 3

3. Clear Cache

Google Drive houses a built-in cache manager that is opposite from a device cache on Android. You should transparent both caches. Do note that clearing cache removes usually proxy files but upsetting a Drive data. Here are a stairs for both a methods.

From a App

Open a Drive app and daub on a three-bar menu during a top-left corner. Then go to Settings.

Google Drive Upload Error 4Google Drive Upload Error 4
Google Drive Upload Error 5Google Drive Upload Error 5

Under Settings, daub on Clear cache and restart a device.

Google Drive Upload Error 6Google Drive Upload Error 6
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From Device Settings

Launch a Settings app on your phone and go to Apps notifications/Application manager. Under All apps, daub on Drive followed by Storage. Hit a Clear cache symbol and restart a phone.

Google Drive Upload Error 7Google Drive Upload Error 7
Google Drive Upload Error 8Google Drive Upload Error 8

4. Enable Uploads on Mobile Data

To save your changed mobile data, Google Drive provides a local environment that lets we select to send files over Wi-Fi only. If it is enabled, no uploads will occur on mobile data. And if we try to upload files on mobile data, an blunder shows up. That’s because we need to invalidate this setting.

To do that, follow these steps:

Step 1: Tap on a three-bar menu during a top-left dilemma in a Google Drive app.

Google Drive Upload Error 9Google Drive Upload Error 9

Step 2: Tap on Settings. Here spin a toggle off for Transfer files usually over Wi-Fi. Then retry uploading a files.

Google Drive Upload Error 10Google Drive Upload Error 10
Google Drive Upload Error 11Google Drive Upload Error 11

5. Turn off Internet

Whether we are regulating mobile information or Wi-Fi to upload files, try branch it off and on. Since a tie resets, any network associated glitch would be resolved.

6. Switch Internet Connection

Another identical approach to get absolved of a emanate is to try uploading a files on a opposite internet connection. If we are on mobile data, switch to Wi-Fi and clamp versa. At times bad tie peculiarity competence means an emanate and regulating an swap choice will let we upload files.

7. Enable Airplane Mode

All network associated connectors such as Wi-Fi, a mobile network, Bluetooth, etc. stop when airplane mode is enabled. As uncanny as it competence sound, enabling aeroplane mode is famous to repair app issues. Turning it on for a while competence infer useful for we too. Give it a shot.

Google Drive Upload Error 15Google Drive Upload Error 15

8. Update Google Drive App

At times, a upload blunder competence be due to a bug in a app. Many of us possibly invalidate a involuntary refurbish or omit a new refurbish presentation of Google Play Store. While it is useful for saving data, we skip out on unchanging updates that embody a bug fixes and underneath a hood improvements.

We would advise we refurbish a app. After that, restart a device and afterwards try uploading a files.

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Wait No More

The watchful to upload blunder can be frustrating. We wish a above fixes resume a upload routine on your phone. In my case, we was perplexing to upload files on mobile information and detected that uploads were infirm on it. we incited off a environment and boom! That doesn’t meant it’s a usually fix; a other solutions should work too.

Did come opposite a opposite resolution that worked for you? Let us know in a comments below, after all, pity is caring. Right?

Next up: Is a discerning entrance area holding adult a shade space on Google Drive? Get absolved of it opposite platforms with these steps.

Last updated on 30 Jan, 2019

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