8bitdo SN30 Pro review: A Super Nintendo-inspired controller for a PC

8bitdo’s SN30 Pro is a final of a prolonged line of gaming peripherals expelled by this bustling association in 2017. Like a N30 Pro before it, it’s a controller designed for revolutionary retro fans like myself who obey on a PC.

This time 8bitdo is holding a pattern cues from a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES for short, one of my favorite consoles of all time. After usually months of use it has already turn a tack in my gaming arsenal, though it falls usually brief of being a ideal controller.

8bitdo SN30 Pro Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

The SN30 Pro from 8bitdo looks and feels usually like a classical SNES controller from a 90’s.

Who should buy a SN30 Pro

The SN30 Pro is a Bluetooth-based wireless controller that connects to your PC, Mac, Android phone, Nintendo Switch and more, and works with all from classical games to stream ones. The controller has a build in rechargeable battery that has lasted me for a few weeks on a singular charge, and it connects around USB-C for charging or information transfer. The SN30 Pro also has all a buttons, sticks, and bumpers that you’d need to play stream games, though I’ll get to how good they work a bit later.

On a pattern side, 8bitdo has finished a good pursuit of regulating classical Nintendo pattern elements to attract retro diversion fans. The N30 Pro hearkened behind to a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) utterly successfully from a pattern viewpoint though had to change a hardware in method to supplement functionality. With a SN30 Pro, 8bitdo didn’t change as many of a design. If we adore a demeanour and feel of a SNES controller, it’s all here in a SN30 Pro, and does it improved than a N30 Pro.

8bitdo SN30 Pro Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

8bitdo switched to USB-C for it’s charging pier and built bumpers.

Using a SN30 Pro

At initial glow we competence consider a SN30 Pro is ostensible to be used usually with retro emulators, though it’s indeed a good controller to take with we on a go and use opposite opposite scenarios. It uses controller blueprint standards like X-input to map out a buttons properly, depending on a platform. 

Setup has been streamlined a bit compared to 8bitdo’s controllers from progressing this year. Instead of revelation a controller that blueprint (platform) to foot adult with each singular time, it’s usually compulsory a initial time we pair. So when we lay down to play on my PC we reason down a start symbol + X, that boots it into a X-input layout, common for PC games. Next time we come behind to play, all we have to do is reason down a start button, and a SN30 Pro remembers a final layout. Moving to another platform, such as my Switch, requires a same sequence, again, usually once. 

8bitdo SN30 Pro Adam Patrick Murray/IDG

Four LEDs on a front of a SN30 Pro prove power, connection, and actor number.

While setup was easy, holding a SN30 Pro in my palm took some removing used to. I’m so lustful of a classical SNES controller that slight flaw from flesh memory was an tangible jump for me to get over. On a face of a controller is a common d-pad, start, select, and face buttons, though they’ve shifted adult to concede room for analog sticks and dual additional buttons. Along a tip corner sits 4 shoulder buttons instead of a classic’s two, mimicking current-day layouts of L1, R1, L2, and R2. The L2 and R2 buttons are even concave, permitting for some-more trigger-like pulls. 

Using a SN30 Pro for classical games around an emulator is one of a primary purposes, and while it’s not perfect, it comes flattering close. When operative opposite years of flesh memory slight deviations can unequivocally disaster adult a flow.

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