A 4K Chromebook is entrance to blow a Pixelbook out of a water

Google’s initial 4K Chromebook looks to be only weeks from being announced. That’s since a anxiety to a new Chromebook with a 3840 x 2160 shade (that’s 4K) has been spotted, and Google has a large annual developer discussion starting on May 8.

The anxiety to a 4K Chromebook shade was speckled in a Chromium OS source formula (the growth chronicle of Chrome OS) and reported by XDA Developers. The source formula refers to a Chromebook with a formula name ‘Atlas’. Additionally, according to The Verge, a new cover will not underline an SD label slot.

That new shade fortitude means we’re looking during a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio rather than a narrower 3:2 shade on a Google Pixelbook, so that’s a good ascent to demeanour brazen to.

So when competence this new 4K Chromebook be announced? Google’s annual developer conference, Google IO, takes place from May 8-10 this year and that’s a venue that Google mostly uses to announce new products and services.

Indeed, a initial Chromebooks, built by Acer and Samsung, were announced during Google IO behind in May 2011. More recently, Google Home was announced during Google IO, as was Android TV, as good as flattering most each new chronicle of Android itself.

This year, there are keynote speeches on a morning of Tuesday May 8, so if Google does select this eventuality to launch a new Chromebook, it’s expected that we’ll see it during one of those keynotes.

Incidentally, we’ll no doubt also hear a lot some-more about a subsequent chronicle of Android – Android P – during a same event.

We’ll move we central acknowledgment of a new Chromebook, along with price, full specs and recover date, as shortly as we get them.

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