A Chromecast device using Android TV competence launch during Google I/O

A MYSTERIOUS Google device is being upheld around in screenshot form after allegedly appearing in an FCC filing.

The device, that looks like it competence be a subsequent era of Chromecast, gives us a idea or 5 about a instruction a association is going with a large shade charity since this one doesn’t only run Chromecast – it runs a whole Android TV ecosystem – and we know that since a primer was included.

This means that it has a intensity to propel users into a universe of Smart TV, competing directly with a likes of Roku, Amazon and Apple TV.

This is good news for fans of Android TV, a complement that isn’t indeed bad though hasn’t been entirely supported. If, as it seems, a destiny of Chromecast is a full Android TV ecosystem, we competence start to see some of a frustrating lists of blank apps start to be addressed, as a Google-branded device will presumably be corroborated by a outrageous selling campaign.

So what do we know?

Well, a referred to as a 4K ATV Stick with a indication series SN5B6AD. So we know it’s 4K. It has Google logos on it, so a possibly a genuine understanding or a Shenzhen feign that will substantially be stopped in a marks by lawyers.

We know it has a quad core Amlogic SoC using 4 Cortex A53 processors. We know it has 2GB RAM (enough) and 8GB storage. We know a Cortex A53 is HDR capable.

Additionally, we know that a Nexus Player, a final Android TV local set-top box from Google, has only stopped being updated after several years, and it would, therefore, be a satisfactory gamble that a inheritor is in a works.

We think it’ll be a deputy for a Chromecast 2 and Chromecast Ultra, it’ll substantially have ‘Pixel’ in a name, it’ll substantially be labelled as a loss-leader to contest with a rivals, and we’ll substantially see it launch during Google I/O where everybody will substantially get given one.

We’d design that it might also be a commencement of a finish of a Android TV brand. Google seems to be penetrating to embankment a Android name on anything that isn’t particularly applicable to try and attract some-more iPhone users – demeanour during Wear OS for details. 

Of course, we could be definitely wrong on all of this. µ  



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