A park, called Capital Crescent Civic Green, is designed in Bethesda

A new park might be on a approach to Montgomery County, Maryland, along a destiny Capital Crescent Trail, as reported by WashCycle. The new space, located during 4801 Bethesda Avenue, would be called Capital Crescent Civic Green and would bond a route hovel to a stable bike line on Bethesda Avenue.

In a Bethesda Downtown Plan, it reads:

“The Capital Crescent Civic Green is envisioned as a county immature for a Bethesda Row District and a western gateway of a Capital Crescent Trail. It will build on a success of a existent tiny piazza during a dilemma of Woodmont Avenue and Bethesda Avenue, and act as an outside county core for a Bethesda Row District.

The Capital Crescent Trail Civic Green would yield an open space with a stretchable grass area. The immature would accommodate village events and programming; be a assembly mark for moviegoers, cyclists, and grill patrons; and offer as a space for infrequent picnicking, reading, and sunbathing.”

Additional skeleton that come with this new plan are for a park to offer a straight open design and to promote walking dissemination to a circuitously designed Purple Line Metro hire and surrounding retail.

In an talk with Bethesda Magazine, house Chairman Casey Anderson described a park site as “the core of Bethesda, a heart of a downtown,” while County Council President Roger Berliner combined that he also supports a open park there, saying, “That partial of Bethesda is among a many colourful tools of Bethesda, and there is a emotional for a open commons.”

WashCycle is discerning to note, though, that a $8.5 million cost tab for a 0.4-acre lot might be too high, even if there are skeleton to presumably boost a tract of land on a other side of Reed to 0.6 or 0.7 acres.

The park isn’t approaching to start construction until after a execution of a Purple Line hire in 2022.

Montgomery Council deliberation squeeze to build Capital Crescent Civic Green [WashCycle]

Bethesda Downtown Plan [Montgomery County Planning Board]

County Parks System Looks To Buy Bethesda Property For Capital Crescent Public Park [Bethesda Magazine]

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