A intelligent torque wrench and Google Glass urge GE Aviation …


A automechanic works on a GE Aviation engine as partial of a commander module regulating Upskill’s Skylight industrial AR module with Google Glass.

Avoiding upkeep errors and improving potency are pivotal ways to save income in a prolongation environment, and GE Aviation recently found a approach to do both by defending a mechanics with Google Glass and a intelligent wrench as partial of a commander program.

GE Aviation partnered with Upskill, before APX Labs, on a commander module that enclosed 15 GE Aviation mechanics during a Cincinnati prolongation facility. Each automechanic was given Google Glass Enterprise Edition regulating Upskill’s Skylight industrial AR platform, and a Wi-Fi enabled Atlas Copco Saltus MWR-85 TA torque wrench.

The pivotal prolongation indicate being totalled was upkeep on B-nuts, that play a vicious purpose in aircraft engine liquid lines and hoses, providing a sturdy, arguable sign if tightened and torqued properly. If they are too lax or too tight, a disastrous outcomes could be redoing a maintenance, cancelling a flight, or carrying an engine close down during flight.


Actual views of a Skylight workflow as a mechanics see it around Google Glass.

In a pilot, mechanics wearing Skylight on Glass perceived step-by-step guided instructions and images in their line of steer while they achieved several upkeep tasks. As a mechanics achieved tasks, when they came to a step where they indispensable to request a torque wrench, Skylight alerted them by a intelligent eyeglasses and afterwards accurate a scold value in genuine time before a automechanic could pierce on.

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“In a pilot, we prisoner consult information and time trials to see if there were reduced upkeep errors,” explained Ted Robertson, manager of GE Aviation. The information showed that growth and prolongation public errors could be reduced as a outcome of a use of Google Glass and a intelligent tool. An astonishing though acquire outcome was finding that capability was softened as well, with mechanic’s potency augmenting an normal of 8-12%.

The commander wasn’t dictated to urge efficiency—it was looking simply for blunder reduction. “It was a happy-to-have though not a mandatory,” Robertson said. “We were looking some-more during a peculiarity of a product and shortening upkeep errors in them.”

Brian Ballard, co-founder and CEO of Upskill, fast interjected, “But we’ll always take a speed improvement, too.”

Normally mechanics during GE Aviation do their pursuit following instructions in paper binders or on a computer. After they finish any task, they have to leave a engine, travel to a list or monitor, and request their work. With a intelligent glasses, they can see instructions in their line of sight, and afterwards they can request any B-nut designation around a photo, so there’s no need to step divided from a pursuit and jot down additional support to accommodate FAA regulations.

There was also some-more pursuit compensation from a employees participating in a pilot. The 15 mechanics enclosed in a investigate were surveyed on their impressions of a technology, and 60% of a participants pronounced they elite regulating a wearable record compared to a normal methods, and 85% of a mechanics pronounced they believed a complement would revoke prolongation errors and that it was easy to use.


A close-up perspective of a Wi-Fi enabled intelligent torque wrench.

An research by GE Aviation shows that Skylight with Glass could save millions of dollars, so GE is exploring where else AR could be germane opposite their business. The use of Google Glass with Skylight is not a single-use application; it has extended qualification within GE Aviation on any form of engine they manufacture, Ballard said.

Robertson agreed, saying, “We were primarily targeting assembly, though this could be stretched to a correct and renovate of a engines, and even wing support. Anytime a automechanic is touching an engine we can suppose them being means to use this.”

The tip 3 takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. GE Aviation partnered with Upskill to use a Skylight industrial AR height on Google Glass as partial of a commander program.
  2. Mechanics’ potency softened by 8-12% with a use of Google Glass and a Wi-Fi enabled intelligent torque wrench, and upkeep errors were reduced.
  3. GE Aviation is deliberation expanding a use of Google Glass and a intelligent torque wrench to other prolongation comforts around a world.

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