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Mother’s Day is right around a dilemma (are we prepared?), and to applaud Verizon is charity a new BOGO understanding on Android devices, including a Google Pixel 2. But there are also dual other deals that a association is using during a impulse for a Pixel 2, that we can mix into one crazy deal.

Let’s go over any understanding individually, starting with the BOGO deal. If we buy a Samsung Galaxy S9, a Motorola Moto Z2 Force, or a Google Pixel 2, we can get a second device for free. The cost of a second device gets widespread out over 24 months as check credits, per a common BOGO deals carriers run. To get this deal, we contingency supplement a new line of service, though it is open to both upgraders and switchers.

The second understanding is flattering basic: Verizon is also charity $100 off a Google Pixel 2. This offer is usually authorised when we financial a phone around 24 monthly payments, not if we buy it undisguised during sell price.

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Finally, a third understanding is one we’ve talked about before in this article (just omit a partial about a trade-in), where shopping a Pixel 2 gets we a giveaway Google Chromecast, Google Home Mini, and dual giveaway months of YouTube TV. You can review a caveats on that understanding in our article on a matter.

Now, if we mix all 3 of these deals together, here’s what we get:

  • A Google Pixel 2 for $22.91 per month, a sum cost of $549.84
  • A second Google Pixel 2 for free
  • A giveaway Google Chromecast
  • A giveaway Google Home Mini
  • Two giveaway months of YouTube TV

Granted, these deals put we on a offshoot for another dual years with Verizon and also force we to emanate another Verizon line. But if a arrangement works for you, these deals are unfit to pass up.

Buy your Google Pixel 2 and get all a giveaway things by clicking a symbol below.


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