Act Fast: Mini ‘NES Classic’ Units Are Back In Stock Right Now For $60

The NES Classic is behind in batch during GameStop right now. (Photo by Guillaume Payen/SOPA Images/LightRocket around Getty Images)

The prohibited holiday object of 2016 is behind in stock. The mini NES Classic was relaunched recently by Nintendo and it keeps offered out online only about as quick as you’d expect.

That’s because we recently wrote that your best gamble to indeed get your hands on one of these retro consoles was to go into tangible brick-and-mortar stores rather than sequence online.

Well if we act quick we can save yourself a trip. GameStop has NES Classic units accessible right now on their website. They’re $60 (MSRP) and don’t come bundled with anything.

You can find them here (assuming they’re still in batch by a time we review this.) Units will boat by Jul 13th.

You’re welcome.

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