After months of veteran chaos, we stumbled opposite a giveaway note-taking app that will make 2019 my many orderly year yet

My new year’s fortitude started early this year.

After switching to Android in Nov after over a decade of regulating iOS and iPhones, we was dynamic to find a improved note-taking/organizing/journaling resolution than a hotchpotch of hard-copy notebooks, a iOS Notes app, and Google Docs that I’ve been regulating for a past few years.

As Business Insider’s international correspondent, I’m constantly roving around a universe while sophistry a dozen opposite tasks, like formulation itineraries, holding records during interviews or experiences, prioritizing my workload, and jotting down some regard about a place on a go.

The mixed we was regulating was creation me some-more random than organized. we had some observations in one app, another in Google Docs, and to-do lists and talk records in my notebooks. To put it simply, we mislaid or unnoticed a lot of notes, or we would find myself in a unfortunate hasten to find one note or another when perplexing to write a story. It was no fun.

My initial instinct was to use Evernote, as I’d used it before. But during my final army with Evernote several years ago, we found a interface too difficult for a discerning observations and to-do lists that we am many mostly essay down. It’s substantially many useful for complete tasks like say, essay a book, as Insider Inc.’s Global Editor-in-Chief Nich Carlson once did. Some of a best facilities are dark by a reward paywall. we wasn’t prepared to dedicate to a for-pay solution.

After reading by my co-worker Kaylee Fagan’s outline of renouned note-taking apps, we staid on Google Keep Notes. It was a best preference I’ve done in a prolonged time, for a few reasons:

1. It works a same everywhere.

Google Keep Notes works accurately a same on each platform, from iOS to Android to a web app.

When we switched to Android from iOS, all my iOS records were unexpected trapped on my aged phone and my iCloud account. we was dynamic to not get stranded like that again.

Google Play Store

Other note-taking apps I’ve used in a past work usually on a smartphone. Having a web chronicle means we can fast entrance my story records or observations when we come behind from a day of interviews and am prepared to lay down and write adult my draft.

2. The interface is simple, lightweight, and visually appealing.

I’ve found that encourages me to use a app some-more often. It’s literally one click to start a note.

Whereas in a past we found myself defeat out my hard-copy cover to jot down a note or a list, we now find myself opening adult Keep since of how easy and discerning it is to use.

Screenshot / Business Insider

The app supports each kind of note we competence wish to take, including to-do lists, images, text, voice, drawings, maps, and even webpages we wish to remember.

Even some-more amazingly, if we take voice records — we take a lot for articulate out story ideas — Keep Notes translates all voice memos to content so we can review them later.

The morality of a app can spasmodic be annoying. It’s impossible, for instance, to have a note that is both content and a checklist. In addition, a app doesn’t support abounding content like bold or italics, dual facilities we like to use to visually vigilance what’s critical in a note.

Still, it’s a tiny cost to compensate for how easy and useful a app is overall.

3. The organizational complement is best described as tranquil disharmony — only a approach we like it.

Google Play Store

The interface many closely resembles a cork house lonesome with different-colored notes. It allows we to corkscrew by and fast find a note we are looking for though so many as typing a hunt or cycling by folders.

Some people competence find this complement to be chaotic, though I’ve found it to be variable to mixed levels of organization. It all depends on how many suspicion or customization we wish to put into a app.

Notes can be color-coded with about a dozen opposite colors. For now, I’ve simply combined tone to a records we am consistently going behind to, though we could simply color-code records formed on projects or type.

Additionally, Keep Notes uses labels rather than folders, like many other note-taking apps, definition we can arrange your records any that approach we want. Simply supplement a hashtag with a tag to a finish of your note, and it’s already sorted.

When we wish to find your note later, we can click into a tag or use Google’s absolute hunt to find accurately what you’re looking for, by text, label, or note type.

4. The app includes reward facilities we routinely have to compensate for in other apps.

Google Play Store

Keep can remove content from photos, like from a pointer or a business label — a underline for that Evernote charges extra.

Unsurprisingly, Keep integrates good with Google Drive and Google Docs, a dual apps we use many for work. If we want, Keep can send records to a Google Doc, that I’ve found intensely useful when I’m prepared to start essay an article; my records and observations go directly into my draft.

Keep can even have records that act as reminders, that can be set to cocktail adult on a specific date and time, or even formed on a GPS location.

Perhaps, many importantly, Keep allows we to have collaborative or common notes. That means that in a same app my partner and we can have a common to-do list for personal things and we can keep my editor updated on that stories I’m operative on.

Everything is in one place. And that’s what’s been gripping (ha!) me regulating a app prolonged after we deserted other solutions.

It’s a new year, new me after all.

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