All 38 vital Google IO announcements ranked

Google IO is a company’s possibility to demonstrate a bragging rights, and it did that during a start of a keynote by revelation one and all that Android is now adult to 2 billion active users.

What’s more, 7 of a products and platforms are adult to 1 billion monthly users any (search, Android, Chrome, YouTube, Maps, Play Store and Gmail).

Google Drive might be a subsequent to strech this height. It has 800 million monthly users. There are also over 3 million objects uploaded to a cloud storage use – each singular week.

Next on a list Google Photos, with over 500 million users and 1.2 billion uploads each day. Google Assistant, one of a newest platforms, is already during some-more than 100 million devices.

The some-more users it has, and a improved it scales, a some-more absolute it can become. That’s sounds like it could be a good thing – or really menacing.

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