All new Android apps on Google Play contingency aim API Level 26 …

At a Google I/O Event hold in May 2018, Google suggested all developers to refurbish to a latest Android APIs by Aug 1, 2018. Google has educated that all a new Android apps on Google Play should aim API Level 26 (Android Oreo) in sequence to be published.

The categorical reason for this despotic preference is Google’s concentration on confidence updates. Google skeleton to deliver Project Treble in Android 7, creation it easier for mobile phone manufacturers to recover Android OS updates to a devices. Google is operative tough on back harmony and support APIs; however it is really critical to aim latest APIs to entirely implement a new facilities and back harmony support.

Google’s roadmap for a new Android updates

All Google wants a users to do is refurbish all new and existent Android apps immediately. Here’s Google’s devise for users to safeguard that apps to refurbish and when.

Things to do in Aug 2018

All a new apps are compulsory to aim API turn 26 (Android Oreo 8.0) or higher. This means all a new apps that are not nonetheless uploaded on Google Play (including a alpha and beta apps as well.)

In Nov 2018

The updates to a existent apps–available on Google–are compulsory to aim API turn 26 (Android Oreo 8.0) or higher. Please note here that existent apps that are not providing any updates are unblushing and will continue to work in a normal manner. Only a updates to those apps are compulsory to aim a latest APIs.

2019 Onwards

Google mentions that any year a targetSdkVersion requirement will allege to a new level. And all a new apps and existent apps will need to aim a analogous API turn or aloft within one year of time.

Developers can openly use a minSdkVersion of their choice. This means, there is no change to one’s ability to build apps for comparison Android versions. Google encourages developers to yield back harmony as distant as pretty possible.

The updating process

It is a really easy procession per Google. There are some APIs that have been updated or private in a latest API level. If any app is regulating those, afterwards one will have to refurbish a formula accordingly. Following are some changes specified from new height versions:

  • Implicit intents for bindService() no longer upheld (Android 5.0)
  • Runtime permissions (Android 6.0)
  • User-added CAs not devoted by default for secure connectors (Android 7.0)
  • Apps can’t entrance user accounts but pithy user capitulation (Android 8.0)

Know some-more about this refurbish routine by examination a Google IO 2018 session on ‘Migrate your existent app to aim Android Oreo and above’ given below

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