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I’ve been regulating Word for good over a decade and I’m still not a hundred percent comfortable with Microsoft’s flagship word processor. However, it’s usually been a few months into Google Docs and we simply adore it. Now, because is that?

Well, Word has a lot going for it in terms of features, though not everybody uses them. And that’s where Docs shines. You get a package of bland facilities that are streamlined roughly ideally and a provide to work with.

Reasons To Use Google Docs FeaturedReasons To Use Google Docs Featured

However, there’s a lot of disastrous misconceptions per Google Docs simply due to a cloud-based nature, though right here, we are gonna find out because that’s unequivocally not a box during all. And if we are austere about regulating Word, afterwards we competence be in for a surprise!

1. It’s Free

Yeah, we review it right. Google Docs is totally free. And, we get adult to 15GB of giveaway cloud-based storage on tip of that as well. Should take adult a lot of papers to fill all that space, right?

Reasons To Use Google Docs 1Reasons To Use Google Docs 1

With Word, a several subscription tiers are tediously mind-numbing, not to discuss all being utterly expensive. Expect to bombard out tighten to — or good above — a hundred bucks for whatever we eventually settle for. No thanks, Microsoft.

2. No Manual Saves

Google Docs saves whatever we type or modify in small seconds, and we won’t even notice that happen. Even directly pasting in calm that includes high-res images and other large objects have no critical impact on how quick it autosaves either. Now that’s some serious optimization.

Reasons To Use Google Docs 2Reasons To Use Google Docs 2

Not a box with Word, however, where we need to strike Save even when connected to OneDrive. And even then, changes mostly take ages to sync. Worse still, the whole module can get stranded while doing that. What a hell, Microsoft!

3. File Names Aren’t a Concern

Word is unequivocally austere when it comes to record names. You can’t insert any special characters, and we also need to be additional clever that we don’t compare an existent record name within a same directory. Screw that!

With Docs, we don’t even need to supplement a record name before we can start operative on your document. And whenever we feel like it, we can name it to whatever we want. Which is super-easy to do as good — usually form anything into a margin during a tip of a browser window and we are done!

Reasons To Use Google Docs 3Reasons To Use Google Docs 3

No some-more messing around with awkward menus and dialog boxes like in Word, that indeed saves a ton of time differently spent traffic with foolish restrictions in a prolonged run. 

4. Easily Accessible Anywhere

Working with Google Docs can occur flattering many anywhere. Just pointer in to Google Drive on any mechanism with an internet connection and we can get started immediately.

Needless to say, Word requires a large designation before we can even consider of opening a document, not to discuss being stranded with usually Windows or Mac.

Reasons To Use Google Docs 4Reasons To Use Google Docs 4

Even when it comes to mobile, Google Docs lets we get started many faster. Android inclination have Docs commissioned by default, and a iOS app is unequivocally lightweight in terms of download size.

5. Zero Corrupt Files

Since your Google Docs papers are always saved to a cloud, a chances of any files removing depraved are flattering slim. Not a box with Word, where files that we store locally are simply corruptible due to technical issues or hardware failures.

Reasons To Use Google Docs 15Reasons To Use Google Docs 15

Saving to OneDrive is an option, though with a horrible syncing issues present, it’s usually not value it. Even meditative about those irritating authentication pop-ups that uncover adult for no good reason give me a shivers.

6. Tons of Terrific Add-ons

Admittedly, Google Docs doesn’t have all a facilities that Microsoft Word brings to a table. But that’s where add-ons come into a picture. In fact, there’s an whole store clinging to add-ons that we can simply make use of to acquire whatever functionality that we are blank out on.

Reasons To Use Google Docs 6Reasons To Use Google Docs 6

Simply entrance a Add-ons panel, and we can hunt for whatever we wish — fonts, themes, mind maps, dictionaries, etc. Even if we wish to perform something as odd as removing page breaks, we are firm to find an appendage to assistance we out!

7. Highly Compatible

With Google Docs, your papers aren’t usually sealed within a cloud. In fact, we can select from a series of record formats to download them to your mechanism during anytime.

Reasons To Use Google Docs 7Reasons To Use Google Docs 7

Support for renouned formats such as DOCX, ODT, and PDF meant that we can simply start operative on a request in Word, OpenOffice, or Adobe Acrobat should a need arise, not to discuss pity files with any Word users that we are certain to come across.

On a other hand, you can also open and revise Word documents simply in Google Docs. If we were disturbed about harmony issues, it’s time to forget that.

8. Speak, Don’t Type

Word’s speech-to-text capabilities are non-existent, unless we wish to download a Dictate add-in that is flattering damaged to start with. Not an emanate with Google Docs, however.

Reasons To Use Google Docs 8Reasons To Use Google Docs 8

All it takes is a integrate of clicks, and we can start vocalization divided while Docs does a essay for you. No time squandered on calibrations and all that crap. It’s also flattering good during picking adult several accents, and we can also switch between opposite languages as well.

9. Collaborating is a Breeze

When it comes to pity and collaborating with others, Google Docs beats Word hands down. Not usually can we share your papers with hundreds of users, though we can even tell them to a web for everybody to see!

Reasons To Use Google Docs 14Reasons To Use Google Docs 14

Also, adult to a hundred of people can get together and work on a request in genuine time — phenomenal functionality for something that’s totally free. And a fact that your collaborators need usually a Google Account to work alongside we speaks volumes about a awesomeness. 

With Word, however, each chairman needs an Office 365 subscription before they can even dream about collaborating — yes, even on Word’s so called ‘free’ mobile apps.

10. Research Link Directly

If we wish to do some investigate while writing, we can use a whole competence of Google Search right from within Google Docs itself. Just prominence and right-click any word or word and click Explore, and a side-pane should bucket automatically, allowing we to check and bring useful info seamlessly. Beats Word’s Research apparatus in terms of intuitiveness and applicable formula by miles.

And even better, we can also use a Images add-on within a Explore mirror to supplement Creative Commons-licensed images to your papers easily.

Reasons To Use Google Docs 10Reasons To Use Google Docs 10

That’s not all. When it comes to joining stuff, Google Docs lets we hunt for and insert links directly from within a web app itself — no some-more duplicating and pasting lengthy URLs. In addition, we can couple to other files and papers within Google Drive as well.

11. No Internet? Not an Issue

Whenever there’s an evidence about Word and Docs, you’d many expected find someone touting about a former’s ability to work offline. Admittedly, that’s loyal — after all, it’s a desktop application.

But that doesn’t meant we can’t do a same with Google Docs — with adequate credentials beforehand, it’s some-more than possible. Simply mention that we wish a record to be accessible offline, and we can entrance and work on it even if we don’t have an active connection.

Reasons To Use Google Docs 11Reasons To Use Google Docs 11

Any edits that we make are afterwards synced automatically whenever we reconnect to a Internet. Awesome, right?

12: Easily Accessible via Chrome

If we use Chrome for your web browsing, and we many expected are, then we should already be signed into your Google Account. And that means prepared entrance to Google Docs — around Google Drive — during usually a snap of a fingers. No time spent on registrations or pointer details whatsoever!

Reasons To Use Google Docs 12Reasons To Use Google Docs 12

Further, Chrome also lists an arsenal of other Google web apps, such as Gmail, Sheets, and Slides, all of which fully element Docs. And we can also expect Docs to duty improved on Chrome — after all, both are designed by Google.

13: Changes Are Synced Everywhere

Finally, whatever modifications that we make to preferences and other settings are saved online, that means that we benefit entrance to a identical Docs experience on any mechanism or browser that we launch it on.

Reasons To Use Google Docs 13Reasons To Use Google Docs 13

And yeah, that includes any add-ons that you’ve practical as well. Expect your changes and commissioned add-ons to be benefaction opposite all your desktops in usually seconds!

But What About Word Online … ?

At a finish of a day, being a web app indeed works in Google Docs preference — it works quick and has minimal technical issues compared to Word. And a fact that we can raise a functionality of Docs around a outrageous library of add-ons means that Word’s feature-packed evidence is effectively rendered moot.

And no, we didn’t forget Word Online, that is giveaway to use as well. But really, it’s usually a drastically dumbed down chronicle of a desktop counterpart. 

Word Online does have a series of similarities to Google Docs — such as autosaving, for example. However, it’s delayed to perform roughly everything, supports fewer record formats, and has 0 useful add-ons. In short, it’s a drag to use.

So, are we prepared to give Google Docs a go? Do let us know in comments.

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