Amazon adds song automation to Echo products as HomePod lags behind

It’s no tip that Siri is distant behind a foe in a digital partner space, and this continues with Apple’s new product, HomePod, that facilities Siri during a core of a experience.

Amazon, however, is formulation to “one up” HomePod by adding support for strain automation to a line of Echo products, something HomePod users have been seeking for given launch.

For example, observant “Alexa, good morning” could trigger a specific playlist, manuscript or song, in further to other automations such as starting your coffee machine, or rolling adult your blinds.

As it now stands, HomePod has no form of audio automation whatsoever, down to a fact that it is incompetent to play a tradition sound when your alarm goes off.

While Apple didn’t pull a partner side with HomePod, it did pull a strain and audio peculiarity portion. Unfortunately, automating audio isn’t something HomePod, or Siri is means of doing. With Siri, you’re usually means to ask to play strain from a Apple Music library, though can’t set it as a trigger.

With that said, strain automation for Echo products will be rolling out shortly to an Alexa nearby you. While HomePod is a good sounding speaker, it will need some critical work if it skeleton to contest in a digital partner department. Fortunately, Apple recently poached Google’s conduct of AI, that should outcome in an altogether improved Siri experience.

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