Amazon Sale on Mobiles: Offers on Nokia 6, Redmi 4, Lenovo K8 …

Gadgets Now Bureau | Oct 4, 2017, 09.00AM IST

Amazon sale
is back. The five-day Diwali sale will run compartment Oct 8th. The sale is charity deals and discounts opposite cost categories like fashion; furnishings; footwear; furniture; home appliances; electronics, personal caring and grooming; make-up and beauty; transport and luggage; kitchen and dining and many other.

The Amazon India’s website is giving 10% additional cashback to Citi Bank credit and withdraw label holders. Those who emporium with Amazon Pay will get 15% cashback. Other than discounts, a e-tailer has also get some appealing sell offers on mobile phones, TVs and other goods.

Here we move to we some prohibited offers that we can get on mobile phones today:

Nokia 6

The Nokia 6 smartphone labelled during Rs 17,199
is accessible during Rs 14,999
in open sale. The website is also charity no-cost EMIs starting during Rs 1667.

Moto G5S Plus

The Moto G5S Plus smartphone
is accessible during Rs 15,999
, post a bonus of Rs 1,000. Buyers can also get Rs 1,000 additional off on exchange. There’s also an choice of no-cost EMI starting during Rs 5,333.

Lenovo K8 Note, 4GB RAM

Lenovo K8 Note with 4GB RAM is accessible during a bonus of Rs 2,000. The smartphone with 6.3-inch screen
can be purchased during Rs 11,999
. There are no-cost EMI options starting during Rs 3,999 per month.

Xiaomi Redmi 4, 64GB

Xiaomi Redmi 4 (64GB)
is accessible during Rs 9,499
. The smartphones pre-sale cost is Rs 10,999. Amazon is charity an additional Rs 500 off on exchange. The no-cost EMI for a smartphone starts during Rs 1,055 per month.


The recently-launched LG Q6 is accessible during Rs 4,000 discount. Priced during Rs 16,990, a smartphone
can be purchased during Rs 12,990
. The no-cost EMIs for a smartphone start during Rs 1,083.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, 16GB

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime
is offered during Rs 10,590
. The smartphone’s pre-sales cost is Rs 16,900. Those looking for EMI option, a website is charity no-cost EMI during Rs 1,765.

OnePlus 5

There’s no bonus per se on a stream OnePlus flagship, OnePlus 5. However, a website is offering
an additional bonus of Rs 3,000
on a flagship phone. EMI options start during Rs 2,750 per month.

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