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For all a speak of cord-cutting, US audiences still watch a lot of TV. In fact, they watch some-more video on unchanging aged TV sets than they do on desktop computers and mobile devices.

The normal 18-34-year-old millennial—said to be a personality in a cord-cutting revolution—spends some-more time examination normal TV than eating, drinking, shopping, and examination YouTube—combined, found a Video Advertising Bureau (pdf), that analyzed information from Nielsen, a Bureau of Labor Statistics, and ComScore, and argued that TV was still a best approach to strech immature audiences.

The normal millennial spectator spends 3 hours a day examination TV—including live TV, DVR, and time-shifted observation (but not apps like Netflix on a intelligent TV, for example)—compared to other activities, a news showed.

In a standard month, millennials watch some-more video on TV sets than renouned platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Twitch, Hulu, Amazon, Twitter, and Snapchat. And US adults altogether spend even some-more time in front of a TV.

So while TV sets are disappearing from American homes, they still browbeat viewing.

But TVs aren’t usually for normal TV anymore. Smart TVs, media players like a Google Chromecast and Apple TV, diversion consoles like a PlayStation 4, and other inclination concede we to tide a good many other things on TV sets aside from live-TV programming. Increasingly, that means streaming services like YouTube and Netflix that pay-TV providers and TV networks are competing against.

YouTube, a many renouned video height among millennials after TV, says people now watch 100 million hours of a videos a day on TV sets, about 10% of a 1 billion hours it says are watched as a whole any day. And it announced this week that it’s bringing a live-TV streaming service, YouTube TV, to even some-more TV sets, through media players like a Apple TV and XBox One, and intelligent TVs from manufacturers like Sony and Samsung. Previously, a live-TV app was usually accessible around desktop, mobile, or Google’s possess media player, Chromecast, that it pronounced creates adult over half of time spent on a app.

Facebook also launched a video app that is usually for TV sets progressing this year. And Netflix, that counted more subscribers than wire TV for a initial time this year, has pronounced that a majority of viewing on a height takes place on TV and desktop computers.

Streaming is strictly invading TV.

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