Android 7.1.1 starts rolling out to a Nokia 6

The many sentimental new entrant into a Android space has updated a pretended flagship device—the Nokia 6 is starting to see a rollout for 7.1.1. The device launched with 7.0 in many markets, so it’s good to see it updated so fast as other inclination continue to chug along on comparison versions.

This refurbish includes a monthly confidence rags for April, a series of device-specific fixes, energy government enhancements, and a new USB driver. And, of course, all a other goodies from 7.1. Our some-more minute list of those facilities can be seen here.

The changelog as it appears from a screenshot on Twitter is below:

Finnish phone builder Nokia recently protected their name to phone-maker HMD, so this isn’t quite a same Nokia we grew adult with. Still, it seems that a phone is nonetheless vital adult to a expectations of a name. Then again, that should be approaching with Head of Design Raun Forsyth carrying changed over to HMD from Nokia. For those meddlesome in a story of Nokia, a really well-written outline of a tale penned by a possess Corbin Davenport is available here.

If we have a Nokia 6 and you’ve seen a update, or you’d like to share your knowledge with a device, feel giveaway to discuss it adult in a comments. I’m interested in conference any first-hand reports about it, given we didn’t get a possibility to cover it.

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