Android 8.1 Oreo is entrance to a Razer Phone in April

On a Twitter account, Razer confirmed that it’ll be skipping Android 8.0 and simply updating a Razer Phone to 8.1.

The refurbish will be accessible for everybody to download in midst to late April, though if we wish to get your hands on a new program progressing than that, we can manually download a Developer Preview right now.

The Developer Preview has a Feb. 5 confidence patch.

Razer hasn’t supposing a change record or recover records for a 8.1 refurbish utterly yet, though we should design all of a simple Oreo facilities we’ve come to adore – including picture-in-picture, improved restrictions on apps using in a background, presentation dots by app icons, and more.

The Developer Preview is pronounced to come with a Feb 5, 2018, confidence patch, and presumption this is a same one that ships with a final build, a Razer Phone will be behind on rags by dual months.

If we possess a Razer Phone, what Oreo underline are we looking brazen to a most?

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