Android Authority praises HMD for updates, bashes a Nokia 9 PureView

A flattering offset smoke-stack of info entrance from Android Authority a final dual days. Starting with a brighter note, Android Authority posted an essay ranking Android OEMs in terms of delivering Android Pie updates. We all know that Nokia Mobile’s Android Pie rollout hasn’t been pushed uniformly for all Nokia devices, though many Nokia smartphones did accept a update, including a 2-year aged Nokia 5 and Nokia 6.

Android Authority ranked HMD Global as a No.1 OEM in terms of updates, mentioning that they were not initial to pull Pie to their devices, though a speed of recover and volume of inclination already using Pie is something that sets HMD apart. we know some users would cite a tradition ROM over a new chronicle of Android, though HMD’s plan is a opposite one, and for improved or worse, they are a usually OEM for those wanting Android One knowledge and Nokia hardware.

You can check AA’s Update tracker here.

Nokia 9 PureView examination by Android Authority was expelled this week, and it’s flattering bad for a device. The reviewer mentions fortitude problems on a complement level, obsolete fingerprint sensor and with a camera that gives photos that are “often spectacular, and nonetheless also not”, that is explained in a review.

To us privately a note that AA perceived a section with pre-release program was utterly surprising, since pre-release program was a reason since examination units aren’t given to a press, as we were told.  ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The author also pronounced that he roughly pennyless a potion of a device’s shade by dire a fingerprint sensor.

The certain things about a phone are a design, arrangement and Android One, per review. You can check a examination in fact here. It’s also hilarious, during slightest to me though we do have an peculiar clarity of humor, that a whole essay can be summed adult in one (or two) informed doubt – “Will and when a program refurbish be available?” – since program updates were invoked a few times in a review. AA will revisit a examination if updates repair things, that is fair.

On a critical note, we were told by an HMD operative that doing bureau reset after (bigger) updates is a endorsed thing to do. So if an MR (maintenance release) refurbish didn’t repair some issues we had with your phone, bureau reset competence help. Don’t know since and we know we listened that prolonged time ago and that it is a frustrating thing to do.

HMD’s CPO Juho Sarvikas responed to a review, thanking for a feedback and saying that HMD will respond to a issues. It’s also good to see HMD’s CPO interacting with a open around amicable media, something many companies leave to central accounts and PR agencies. We will see what actions will follow.


Anyways, we can’t unequivocally contend most about a 9 since it’s not accessible here, though if we do have a Nokia 9, tell us down next what we consider about a device, a examination and how altogether are we confident with it during this early theatre of 9’s release? 🙂

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