Android Circuit: New Galaxy S8 Issues, Microsoft’s Android Challenge, Pixel 2 Versus Galaxy S8

Taking a demeanour behind during 7 days of news and headlines opposite a universe of Android, this week’s Android Circuit includes issues with a Galaxy S8 Screen, a examination of a S8 camera, how Google’s Pixel 2 can better Samsung’s Galaxy, a ridiculously tiny Jelly smartphone, a latest updates for a OnePlus 3 family, Google assisting Gmail users with spam, Android betas for all, and regulating Microsoft on your Android smartphone.

Android Circuit is here to remind we of a few of a many things that have happened around Android in a final week (and we can find a weekly Apple news digest here).

Saving The Screen

Could a Galaxy S8’s OLED shade humour from ‘burn-in’? That’s a awaiting lifted progressing this week in reports from South Korean, though Samsung has already taken stairs to revoke a software-based home key’s impact on a pixels:

What should be remarkable is that OLED burn-in is a famous judgment and a South Korean association will have knowledge of this emanate around their TV and guard arrangement business. Corrective movement is already in software, and if we are one of a scientific users who has speckled a home pivotal symbol relocating around your screen, afterwards you’ll have seen this in action.

The technique to equivocate OLED screen-burn shows a association that has been looking during intensity issues and operative around them.

More on Samsung’s medicine proceed here on Forbes.

A male practice a Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone during a company’s salon in Seoul (Photo: Jung Yeon-Je/AFP/Getty Images)

The Galaxy S8 Camera Meets The Competition

Ben Sin has been reviewing dual of a heading Android handsets – a aforementioned Samsung Galaxy S8 and a LG G6. When we have both handsets during your disposal, there’s usually one thing to do that is right and proper… put them into a head-to-head plea over mixed parts, starting with a cameras.

I have been regulating both a Galaxy S8 and a G6 newly so we figured because not do a array of head-to-head tests. This initial post will be a camera shootout between a dual phones. Then I’ll substantially do a second post on program usability, and finally, I’ll do a dump exam video and see that phone is some-more durable.

The Galaxy S8 has a singular 12-megapixel f/1.7 shooter while a G6 has a categorical 13-megapixel f1/8 camera with a delegate wide-angle lens. Since a S8 is blank a second lens, I’ll only concentration on sharpened with a categorical camera, in point-and-shoot situations in involuntary mode. Of course, a G6 shouldn’t be penalized for carrying a second camera that can do some-more tricks, so I’ll residence that during a really end.

Sin continues a shoot-out online.

How The Pixel 2 Can Take On The Galaxy

What does Google’s subsequent smartphone have to do to ‘defeat’ a Galaxy S8 and explain a pretension of best Android smartphone? CNet’s Lynn La sits down to cruise what a Pixel 2 needs to take on a South Korean champion, including a battery, a camera, and a earthy design:

I was already lustful of a Pixel’s superb design, and I’m not one to bound on each phone trend that comes by a pipeline. But people have always been feeling with bezelless phones prolonged before this year, and now that a S8 and G6 have skinny bezels, a new Pixel risks looking antiquated if it doesn’t follow suit. I’m not observant that hardly there bezels are a must-have, and if Google flipped a book in phone pattern in another acquire way, I’d be all for it. But skinny bezels will assistance chaperon a handset into today’s neat tech aesthetic.

More during CNet.

Watching Smartphones Getting Smaller

The trend for smaller smartphones is one that is obvious in a industry, though Unihertz’s Jelly pushes a limits. The 4G smartphone comes with 2GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage, a 2.45 in. screen, though in a 60g package that is only over 92mm in size. There’s some-more on a phone during Kickstarter, though of march be wakeful that it is a crowd-sourced plan that carries some risk. Unbox Therapy introduces a phone:

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