Android co-founder says Essential Phone will boat "in a few weeks" – distant after than planned

When Google co-founder Andy Rubin denounced a new flagship-class Android handset, a Essential Phone, he done a indicate of observant that a association “wouldn’t be holding reservations if it wasn’t going to boat in 30 days or so”.

With pre-orders opening in late May, it seemed reasonable to design deliveries to start around a finish of June.

But by Jul 6, there was still no pointer of a device, and a association was responding to enquiries from business by revelation them that it did “not have a boat date” available.

Today, Essential finally spoke adult about a conditions in a tweet, a essence of that have also been emailed to business available a new phone’s launch.

Given that there’s still no organisation shipping date set, this isn’t a many enlivening start for a $699 high-end handset, that facilities a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. The device also supports modular accessories, and has an radical arrangement with a 19:10 aspect ratio, and a ‘cut-out’ during a tip of a shade to accommodate a front-facing camera.

Source: @Essential

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