Android Dev Summit: Google sum Kotlin, Jetpack, and present app …

Google kicked off a Android Developer Summit in Mountain View this week with a bang, and support for foldable devices usually scratched a surface. The association announced that many of a new facilities in Kotlin 1.3 are now natively supported, and it supposing updates on Jetpack, Android Studio, present apps, and more.

Kotlin 1.3

First adult was Kotlin, a statically typed programming denunciation from JetBrains that runs on a Java practical machine. The latest chronicle — 1.3 — was expelled final week and brings with it a brood of features:

  • Inline classes allow we to emanate a form that doesn’t allot unless boxed.
  • Unsigned numbers are now partial of a Kotlin customary library, including UInt, UByte, and ULong. These new forms are built regulating inline classes.
  • Multiplatform code formerly created for Android or a JVM can now also aim Javascript or native.
  • Coroutines support is now stable.

All of those have been integrated into Android’s Kotlin-specific APIs, Google said.

Jetpack and Android X

Google suggested Jetpack, a apartment of collection and APIs designed to “accelerate” Android app development, during Google I/O 2018 in May, and it’s taken off like a rocket (no joke intended) in a months since. Today, 80 percent of a tip 1,000 apps and games have adopted it, according to Google. This week, a association minute new Architecture Component libraries that guarantee to make it even some-more appealing: Navigation, Work Manager, and Slice.

Navigation and Work Manager — both of that are rising in beta this month — offer a simplified approach to exercise Android’s navigation element with charcterised transitions, emanate and revise navigation flows, and perform credentials tasks in “the many fit manner” formed on focus states, device API level, and other factors.

Android Jetpack

Android Slices, on a other palm — that were denounced during Google I/O and this week pierce to open Search experiments — uncover mini app snippets containing calm and actions, like personification a video or engagement a flight. The list of initial partners includes Doist and Kayak, among others.

Android Studio 3.3 beta 3

Android Studio, Google’s official IDE for Android development, got some adore during a dev conference’s initial keynote. Android Studio 3.3 beta 3 launches today, and it’s focused on fortitude — specifically  “user-impacting” bugs. The magnitude of crashes, hangs, and memory use have been reduced, and Google pronounced it’s building collection that will “help [developers] simply understand” what’s negligence an app build down.

Also announced: stirring support for Chrome OS.

Instant apps

Android Instant Apps

Last, though not least, Google suggested improvements entrance to a present apps. Within Android Studio 3.3, developers can muster and build present apps and commissioned apps from a singular Android Studio plan and embody them in a singular Android App bundle.

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