Android & Essential creator has mysteriously blocked everybody on Twitter

While a tech courtesy is flattering many on a shutdown due to a holiday season, something rather rare has popped out today. Andy Rubin, who is a creator of Android and Essential has mysteriously motionless to retard everybody off from his Twitter. Called a ‘Father of Android’, he has been instrumental to a developments in a tech courtesy and though him, Android OS substantially would not have even existed.

However, all of his good work has been tarnished over a years due to several reasons. Andy Rubin is a unequivocally famous name in a courtesy for both good and bad reasons. After withdrawal Google, he founded Essential that brought one of a many earnest smartphones out there.

The disaster of a Essential Phone

The Essential Phone or Essential PH1 was one of a initial phones that pennyless a required smartphone pattern and got absolved of large bezels on a screen.

Essential Phone was also one of a unequivocally initial phones to have a nick during a top, that after became an courtesy standard. However, a Essential Phone’s nick was still smaller than many phones out there these days, that is still an extraordinary attainment deliberation a phone came out over 2 years ago. Despite a innovative pattern and build of a phone though, it unsuccessful to squeeze many people’s courtesy and didn’t utterly sell unequivocally well.

The Essential Phone’s disaster was mostly given of a high cost indicate and a rather underwhelming camera performance. However, a phone has continued to get program updates to this day and has also seen a large cost reduction. After Essential Phone, however, Andy Rubin motionless to take a mangle divided from a tech courtesy for a while.

However, a few months ago, he logged behind onto chatter and teased a probable follow-up to a Essential Phone with nonetheless another extreme change in pattern language. The purported Essential Phone 2 looked distinct anything we’d ever seen with an intensely high form cause and some cold tricks adult a sleeve. After a exhibit though, Rubin motionless to go wordless nonetheless again with no tweets on his comment for weeks.

Allegations of passionate misconduct

And now, a lot of people have beheld that Andy Rubin has indeed flattering many blocked everybody from his Twitter with usually a few people being means to see his tweets. There could be a integrate of reasons because he did this.

Back in Oct 2018, a New York Times pennyless out a story about Andy Rubin that he had allegedly been concerned in passionate bungle during his time during Google and a association gave him a “hero’s farewell” while stealing these contribution about him. Not usually that, Google also handed him a whopping $90 million coupon on his approach out that was only insult to damage to a victims of his passionate misconduct.

Andy Rubin did emanate a matter after a news story pennyless out though. “Specifically, we never coerced a lady to have sex in a hotel room. These fake allegations are partial of a allegation debate by my ex-wife to calumniate me during a divorce and control battle.”, Said Rubin in response to a allegations.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai was also discerning to close down these allegations by observant that Google has already dismissed over 50 people for passionate bungle over a final 2 years and things like these are not taken easily during a company.

However, ever given that news story, people have been perplexing to get a whole matter investigated with consistent tweets destined during him about a whole conditions during Google. Maybe, Rubin has blocked everybody off from Twitter equivocate removing tweeted during all a time. Or, this could be partial of a prolonged criminal to marketplace a arriving weird phone from Essential.

In any case, a whole conditions is unequivocally weird and no one knows what is going by a mind of Andy Rubin right now. Furthermore, because did he select to not retard certain people from his Twitter, a lot of that are tech reporters? There competence be a dark abyss and definition to this that we don’t realize right now though all we can do for now is wait.

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