Android Oreo is now accessible for a Razer Phone as a developer preview, formed on 8.1

When a association releases a phone with a sincerely batch build of Android, we generally design comparatively discerning updates. That’s what we were anticipating for with a Razer Phone, yet sadly, that wasn’t delivered. Today, though, Razer is removing a round rolling with a attainment of Android Oreo for a Razer Phone.

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The initial Android Oreo build for a Razer Phone, unfortunately, isn’t a open rollout. However, it is accessible to everybody as a developer preview. Like Google’s early previews, this requires that we manually peep a complement picture on your device, definition you’ll also have to reset it, and you’ll need to clear your bootloader as well.

The refurbish itself weighs in during 1.6GB and carries with it Android 8.1. While Oreo is still prolonged overdue for this phone, it’s during slightest good to see Razer regulating a latest chronicle available. It also comes with a Mar confidence patch in tow. You’ll expected need to manually refurbish your phone to newer versions of a preview, presumption they happen, as good as a final build. Keep in mind that things will roughly positively be cart in these previews as well.

If you’ve got a Razer Phone and wish to give Oreo a shot, head over to Razer’s site to get your download.

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