Android Slices for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, & other settings start appearing on Google Pixel devices

Google introduced Android Slices during I/O 2018 and began contrast a new UI model after that year with third-party apps. Slices are designed to aspect a pivotal facilities of applications in healthy places, like Google Search. Shortcuts for a Settings app on Pixel inclination are now commencement to hurl out.

Last November during a Android Developer Conference, Google minute how it would start surfacing Slices as partial of an Early Access Program with third-party apps like Doist and Kayak. In further to on-device — apps, contacts, music, etc. — and web results, Slices would uncover adult as users perform a hunt with a Google app.

Slices for several device preferences are now commencement to seem on Pixel inclination using Android 9 Pie. A query for “Bluetooth” or “Wi-Fi” in a Google hunt margin will move adult an inline toggle to fast enable/disable that setting. These formula underline a blue Settings app idol to a left, name, and toggle during a right.

android-slices-settings-pixel-old-1 Slices android-slices-settings-pixel-old-2 Slices

Some embody combined context, with Wi-Fi observant a name of a network we are connected to. Before Slices, a outcome would seem in a identical fashion, though though a ability to take action. Users can still daub to open a full Settings page.

Slices take a second or dual to entirely load. For example, typing “blu” will fast aspect a shortcut, though a toggle usually appears after “bluetooth.”

Google has already demonstrated that Settings is a primary claimant for Slices. In fact, examples a association showed off were distant some-more advanced. One for “Mobile Data” remarkable inline how many gigabytes were used, while a mockup for “Brightness level” featured a slider right in a Slice. The latter does not even appear as a toggle today.

Other app examples embody Lyft surfacing shortcuts to fast book a ride, or Google Photos display a carousel of images right in Search.

Settings Slices seemed over a past several weeks around a server-side update. It is live on 4 Pixel inclination we checked currently that have a latest Google app installed. Slices “extend all a approach behind to Android 4.4,” though we’ve so distant usually speckled them with Pie.

Android Slices

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