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Android’s creator, Andy Rubin, has been teasing his subsequent large plan for a while now, and currently he finally denounced everything: his new association Essential has a new smartphone, an Amazon Echo-like device with a possess handling system, and a few accessories. Just another association perplexing to mangle into a smartphone market, surely, were it not for a creator of Danger and Android during a helm.

The phone has all a latest and biggest specifications, including an roughly bezelless screen. It creates an engaging pattern choice by fixation a front camera inside a shade during a top, that I’m certain many people will possibly not caring about or deeply hate. we wish to see a whole thing in chairman first, though we like that they during slightest try to ‘own’ this pattern choice. Another rather singular component is a ceramic back, that is a element choice we’ll substantially see some-more of over a entrance years.

Of sold note: a association is hinting during regulating batch Android, with quick updates. I’ve seen those promises before, so I’m not accurately holding them during face value when we hear them for a 1038th time.

Their Amazon Echo competitor, a Essential Home, has a shade and sports a possess handling system, though a association doesn’t have a whole lot to contend about it other than some selling fluff, such as this:

Ambient OS is a API to your home that enables a origination of applications that extend a strech of a singular device. For example, we can setup a timer and have a lights in a livingroom peep when it goes off. With a Ambient OS API, developers have entrance to accessible devices, services, and home information and can use these resources as a building blocks of their applications.

So substantially Android with some tradition API pieces on top. They do state they are focusing on privacy, doing a AI and API pieces on-device instead of in a cloud – that is a and for me, though I’m not certain normal people unequivocally caring too most about this during all.

In Rubin’s blog post announcing a association and a devices, he has some… Interesting difference to contend about what Android has become.

For all a good Android has finished to assistance move record to scarcely everybody it has also helped emanate this uncanny new universe where people are forced to quarrel with a really record that was ostensible to facilitate their lives. Was this what we had intended? Was this a best we could do?

Is it only me, or is Rubin not happy with who his child has become?

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