Ann Arbor’s Duo Security ‘creating a ton of jobs’ in tech security

ANN ARBOR, MI – 2016 was a conspicuous year for a flourishing Ann Arbor-based Duo Security, a cyber-security association creation skeleton to sinecure even some-more new employees.

Some of Duo’s success final year includes an boost of 135 percent in repeated income growth, rising $42 million from 2015 to 2016, and a further of 150 new employees, pronounced Chief Operations Officer Zack Urlocker.

“One good thing for Michigan and Ann Arbor is we are formulating a ton of jobs here,” Urlocker said. “This year, we’re going to grow another 150. It’s not only a good association for Michigan, it’s a good company.”

It is a fourth year in a quarrel Duo has doubled a annual repeated revenue. 2016 also outlines a initial year Duo’s financial information was done open and a initial year a association achieved certain cash-flow.

Dug Song is co-founder and arch executive officer of Duo Security and pronounced 2016 was one of “exceptionally clever growth” for a company.

“With a concentration on innovating – as seen by today’s launch of Duo Beyond, a initial blurb doing of Google’s BeyondCorp design – we are assured that Duo will continue to broach well-developed offerings for a business and broach clever results,” Song pronounced in a association statement.

Urlocker described Duo as a association that has come a prolonged proceed in only a few years and has most some-more in store.

“Now we’re safeguarding some flattering vicious organizations and we consider that’s also given us a bigger purpose in a industry,” Urlocker said. “We have a bigger voice in a industry, and also a bigger responsibility.”

That shortcoming has meant adding some-more employees to hoop a flourishing series of business and product offerings. Duo now employs around 380 people opposite mixed locations, including a new plcae in Austin, Texas, and services around 8,000 business opposite some-more than 100 countries.

Duo Security to open second bureau in Ann Arbor as partial of enlargement plans

Some of those companies are common domicile names: Facebook, Etsy, Threadless, Yelp, Kayak, NASA, Sony and a University of Michigan, organizations looking for a opposite proceed to confidence that Duo provides.

“Security has always been vicious though a lot of a comparison confidence companies were focused on carrying a tough fringe around a business to secure a network,” Urlocker said. “That aged proceed only doesn’t work.”

That’s where Duo comes in, he added, as a smaller association with innovative ideas that are required to compete. Ideas like those introduced in 2016, including Duo’s possess secure singular sign-on record and a Insight phishing make-believe apparatus that allows companies to exam their abilities.

Duo’s newest product is Duo Beyond, in what a association matter calls “the initial vital blurb doing of Google’s BeyondCorp horizon that drastically improves and simplifies a confidence government of how employees and inclination entrance vicious corporate applications.”

“It creates an sourroundings where employees can entrance all cloud applications they need, regulating whatever mobile inclination they need, and we know they are secure,” Urlocker pronounced about Duo Beyond.

Duo now has a name for itself in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry, interjection in partial to a company’s co-founders and their importance on cloud-based record sourroundings it detached from other identical companies.

“They done a lot of vicious bets… that have paid off,” Urlocker pronounced about co-founders Song and Jon Oberheide. “We’re on a right side of history, in terms a universe is relocating some-more and some-more towards cloud and mobile inclination and that’s a kind of confidence we yield people.”

Those bets have also resulted in a materialisation Urlocker called a “Michigan rebound effect,” that has brought professionals behind to Ann Arbor from civil areas like New York City and San Francisco.

“It is a good community,” Urlocker said. “There’s a view we have here, on unequivocally operative together and collaborating. It’s not a cut-throat sourroundings like we competence find in New York or San Francisco.”

Though Duo’s repute and enlargement is enabling a association to expand, Urlocker pronounced there are no skeleton to open other locations in 2017 though to simply concentration association efforts.

“We’re not unequivocally a start-up association anymore,” Urlocker said. ‘More people are noticing a name. Duo has got a good repute now.”

Duo Security to supplement scarcely 300 jobs, $2.5M in collateral investments in Ann Arbor

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