AODocs Unwraps AOBox To Extend Google Drive Across Teams And Collaborators

Available during launch for both Enterprises (AOBox Enterprise) and SMBs (AOBox Pro), AOBox is designed to tackle a common headache: companies and people regulating G Suite and other Google collection are mostly operative with networks of customers, partners and suppliers who are not on G Suite. This can emanate ongoing issues around chronicle control and security. The many common ensuing unfolding is that workers and teams spin to workarounds, mostly called “shadow IT,” to overcome record pity limitations. Even if these “rogue” workarounds are conducted on widely adopted platforms like Box and Dropbox, G Suite-based companies face long-term issues around risk, correspondence and cost control.

AOBox empowers teams and collaborators to determine differences in record management, record sharing, and partnership platforms. Uploaded files are combined by AOBox to a Google Drive folder and downloaded files are review by AOBox from a Google Drive folder in that they’re stored. Meanwhile, record and folder owners can entrance an review route containing a minute activity of a outmost users accessing their content. Anyone can open a Google Drive files common with them around AOBox by authenticating their existent Office 365, Outlook, Facebook, LinkedIn, Windows Live, or AOBox account.  AOBox also eliminates a need for “rogue” accounts combined by employees on their personal accounts to work around pity limitations.

“At AODocs, we trust it’s probable to yield confidence and processes but tying partnership or sacrificing user experience, and this relates regardless of a calm and partnership platforms,” pronounced AODocs CEO Stéphane Donzé. “By permitting G Suite users to firmly share their Google Drive files with anyone, AOBox improves a finish user’s partnership knowledge while assisting a association say confidentiality and compliance. You can have your cake and eat it too!”

Major facilities of AOBox include:

  • Secured Workspaces: Non-Google users can entrance and/or upload files in comparison Drive folders. Activity Tracking: Users can monitor  activity in  common files and folders by utilizing a  minute review log.
  • Real-time Collaboration: Teams can  trust they are operative on a latest chronicle of papers with outmost partners and collaborators.
  • Cost Reduction: Companies can equivocate profitable for additional licenses from other program vendors.
  • Risk Reduction: Teams can discharge record duplicates combined when a record stored in Google Drive is copied to other platforms to be common with non-Google users.

About AODocs
AODocs is a usually request government height built for G Suite, bringing Google Drive’s singular user experience, opening and trustworthiness to craving business applications and request workflows.  AODocs creates it elementary to reinstate bequest request government systems like SharePoint and OpenText, automate business workflows, and approve with attention standards and annals government regulations. Headquartered in San Francisco and with offices in Atlanta, Paris, London and Milan,  AODocs was founded in 2012 by program veterans carrying decades of knowledge in craving search, request government and PLM. AODocs’ law request government height is one of a initial Google Recommended Partner Solutions for G Suite. Learn some-more during

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