[APK] Nokia 6.1 Plus gets Nokia Camera refurbish with Pie. Improved imaging peculiarity & new facilities on offer

Nokia 6.1 Plus started receiving the Android Pie refurbish yesterday apropos a third Nokia smartphone to do so in a process. Now, it seems a Pie refurbish also brings a new Nokia Camera app with softened imaging peculiarity and dual new Dual-Sight facilities that we read about before with itself.

This was reliable by HMD CPO Juho Sarvikas on Twittter. He has suggested that a imaging group has finished some tuning on algorithms to make low-light opening better.

While we can attest for imaging peculiarity improvements with a refurbish on Nokia 6.1 Plus we will review it with Google camera and will post in a apart article. Improvements generally demeanour poignant in terms of resolved sum capture.

The dual new facilities brought by this Nokia Camera chronicle 91.9.1140.20 for Nokia 6.1 Plus are,

1. With a ‘You Decide’ underline in Dual-Sight, allows we to line one side of a picture/video, double daub to solidify it, afterwards re-position your camera to get a best angle. Double-tap a second half, and your picture is saved to your device.

2. Use a ‘Infinitely Adjust’ underline in Dual-Sight mode to adjust a proportion when holding photos or videos, vouchsafing we confirm either to uncover more from your front or back camera.”

The Nokia Camera app doesn’t work really good on Nokia 7 Plus as it is meant for non-Zeiss smartphones. In box we wish to try it on your smartphone here is a APK download link.

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