Apple Files for ‘MusicKit’ and ‘HomePod’ Trademarks in a US


On Jun 15 Patently Apple posted heading reports covering ‘HomePod‘ filed in Canada and ‘iMac Pro‘ filed in Europe. Today Patently Apple has detected U.S. heading filings for HomePod and MusicKit. MusicKit was introduced during Apple’s WWDC 2017 in event 502 not done open during a keynote.


In a video of event 502 for MusicKit developers got introduced to a new API for a Apple Music subscription service. Here, Apple engineers showed developers how to supplement Apple Music playback to their your possess app, and learn how to hunt a catalogue, conduct playback queues, and rivet with playlists and recommendations.




Apple’s U.S. Trademark Application In-Part for ‘MusicKit’



Apple’s heading filing ‘480 is for a stylized chronicle ‘MusicKit’ while focus ‘486’ lonesome a retard character of a heading ‘MUISICKIT.’


Apple filed a trademarks underneath 09 covering “computer program used in building other program applications; focus growth software.”


Apple also filed for a heading ‘HomePod’ in a U.S. underneath applicatioins 87486450 and 87486392 covering a stylzed chronicle and a retard style. They were filed underneath International Class 09 covering a same as a Canadian filing as remarkable next in full.


“Audio speakers, amplifiers and receivers; digital audio players; sound reproducing apparatus; voice recording and approval apparatus; microphones; radios, radio transmitters, and radio receivers; wireless communication inclination for voice or information transmission; mechanism hardware for playing, organizing, downloading, transmitting, utilizing and reviewing audio files and media files; electronic inclination able of providing entrance to a Internet and for a sending, receiving, and storing of digital data; voice-controlled intelligent audio speakers with practical personal partner capabilities; personal digital assistant; electronic voice authority and approval and remote control apparatus and inclination for determining and monitoring consumer wiring devices, lighting, appliances, thermostats, heating and atmosphere conditioning systems, alarm and home confidence and notice systems, fume and CO monoxide detectors, doorway and window thatch and latches, and home automation systems; remote controls; accessories for intelligent audio speakers.”


USPTO behind a announcement of these trademarks until today. MusicKit was indeed filed on Jun 4, 2017 and HomePod was indeed filed on Jun 13, 2017.


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