Apple hid a garland of unconventional ideas in this HomePod patent

Apple had an thought for a destiny HomePod that would offer an emoji chronicle of Siri and LED lights that could arrangement a accumulation of useful information, starting with a weather. In a 2017 patent application that was done publicly accessible in late January, Apple threw a garland of increasingly far-out ideas onto a ask to a US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), as speckled by Mac Rumors.

The obvious doesn’t name a HomePod specifically, though it does report it flattering accurately as a device housed by fabric walls containing a mic and a speaker, so it’s tough to consider Apple is articulate about something else. That said, Apple is meditative of interweaving LEDs within a fabric to arrangement all from a continue to a time to sports results. The obvious also describes a same tech displaying incoming email theme lines and even an emoji-based illustration of Siri.

The LEDs could presumably respond and change when we call your palm in front of it, regulating 3D gesticulate support. Emoji Siri could arrangement opposite moods and expressions depending on a context it was in, Apple proposes. For instance, it could collect up, by listening to your voice, possibly we sounded sad. From there, Siri could possibly empathize and also demeanour sad, or, and Apple hasn’t utterly motionless on this yet, it competence demeanour happy so as to assistance we hearten up. Presumably, this could come with suitable song choice suggestions.

Apple even proposes a approach for Siri to investigate a tinge of your emails and review them behind to we while display a sad, happy, or indignant face. The mood would count on a altogether vibe your incoming email gave off. Apple also proposes a email sender could collect out that tension it wanted Siri to adopt.

HomePod competence also some day benefit Face ID to figure out who was station circuitously it and how distant divided they competence be, vouchsafing it customize user profiles and song requests. Further down a line, it competence be means to improved collect out if a owners was circuitously and afterwards extend entrance to personal messages, notes, and reminders. Or it could see that a guest of a home was circuitously and mislay that entrance for now.

Of course, all those wild, unconventional ideas still rest inside a obvious focus for now. So it’s too early to tell when, if ever, they’ll manifest into an tangible product.

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