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Apple’s HomePod sounds illusory yet a common critique – including in our possess HomePod review – was that a doing of Siri leaves a tiny to be desired.

The sales of Amazon Echo and Google Home inclination uncover that there’s a outrageous marketplace for intelligent speakers yet Apple will certainly have to furnish a second-generation HomePod to contest with a rivals. Here we’ll check out what we wish to see from a second-gen device, that could be a proceed deputy or it could be a lower-priced delegate device for elsewhere in a home.

There have been some HomePod discounts and initial reports suggested a few hundred thousand HomePods had sole in a initial entertain of 2018, yet it’s a misnomer to advise that HomePod isn’t offered during all.

Analyst estimates from final autumn advise it had a six percent slice of a intelligent orator marketplace and had sole good over a million units by a center of 2018.

That’s OK when we cruise a HomePod’s high cost point. However, it’s also tiny grill when we cruise that we know over 100 million Amazon Alexa-enabled inclination have now been shipped.

So in a face of such competition, here’s what we wish to see from HomePod 2:

Recognising opposite voices

This is something that Google Home inclination make a quite good pursuit of – recognising a voices of opposite family members in your home. It would need a bit of elemental re-thinking of how HomePod works. That’s since it’s now tied to an individual’s Apple ID – a HomePod setup even warns we that others could entrance your possess Siri information regulating their voice such as promulgation and receiving texts if we spin on “Personal requests”.

A reduce cost point

It’s a fact that Apple is now occupying a rather lofty finish of a intelligent orator market. The problem is that, currently, intelligent orator sales are being powered by apportion – Google Home Mini for £29/$29-type deals, for instance – not quality. That’s something that Apple will have to reconcile. By a time HomePod is a best option, a homes might already be dedicated to possibly Amazon or Google. This isn’t a problem singular to Apple, possibly – a puzzling and still-upcoming Samsung Galaxy Home is also in a same position.

Bluetooth support

Apple seemed to try and conceal Bluetooth in early iterations of iOS – it was unequivocally buried in a Settings app, maybe since Apple wanted users to use a possess AirPlay tech instead. It’s not like that today – Bluetooth is front and centre only as it is in Android. So it’s a tiny peculiar that a initial HomePod doesn’t support inclination joining to it around Bluetooth, generally when – get this – we know HomePod indeed has Bluetooth inside and uses it for a setup process. The miss of Bluetooth is really limiting for many homes – generally when we cruise a HomePod is a device designed for a community space.

Gesture control

This one has been rumoured already – a obvious suggests that an arriving HomePod will have gesticulate control as an choice to voice. We’re meditative this is substantially going to be for simple things such as changing a volume or skipping to a subsequent track. This would be a distant some-more acceptable proceed rather than adding nonessential buttons.

A improved Siri

The problem with Siri on HomePod is that it’s not been given permit to fly – some essentials are blank such as support for internet radio detached from Apple’s possess Beats 1 and there’s tiny doubt that Siri lags behind a coherence of Google Assistant and a bulletproof yet Amazon-focused Alexa. Still, we’ve no doubt that Apple will get Siri right – after all, this is one of a world’s many quick companies we’re articulate about.

Spotify Connect support

OK so this falls into a “it’ll never happen” difficulty yet bear with us while we dream of HomePod being a best Spotify Connect orator out there. However, with Apple understandably wanting to pull Apple Music, it’s strong unlikely. Apple isn’t antithetic to a services entrance to other inclination yet – Apple Music is now on Amazon Echo inclination in a US, for example, and is set to hurl out elsewhere.

An Apple HomePod Mini

There’s a Google Home Mini. There’s a Amazon Echo Dot. What about a better-sounding orator called a HomePod Mini? It could still be comparatively reward – maybe $99/£99 or $129/£129 to go adult opposite a Amazon Echo Plus?  Whereas we don’t consider a HomePod has sole that well, we could see a realistically labelled (not indispensably cheap) HomePod would do flattering well.

Wireless Qi charging

Apple’s AirPower still isn’t here, yet we consider it will be soon. Why couldn’t HomePod 2 have wireless charging on a top? The plea – as with AirPower – is that it would need to be multi-coiled to not only assign Qi-compatible inclination like a iPhone XS, XS Max, X, 8, 8 Plus and XR, yet also to assign a Apple Watch and AirPods 2 as well.

HomePod as a approximate system

You can already stereo span HomePods, of course, yet what if there was HomePod Mini and also a subwoofer and we could sync it all adult into a complement to go with your Apple TV? Now there’s a thing.

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