Apple HomePod Mini: what we wish to see

The Apple HomePod has now been on sale for reduction than half a year and it hasn’t had a smoothest of journeys. While many people have praised it as a speaker, when it comes to a capabilities as a intelligent home heart there are those who doubt either it’s value a rather high cost point. 

With reports claiming that sales aren’t doing quite well, what does a destiny demeanour like for a HomePod? Well, it could be that it gets a ‘Honey we shrunk a kids’ treatment.

Although Apple is nonetheless to endorse any kind of HomePod Mini, a cheaper and smaller orator could be accurately what a HomePod code needs to pull in those who have nonetheless to be convinced. Not usually that, it would concede Apple to follow a recover trail that Google and Amazon have successfully trod with their Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot devices. 

Regardless of either it’s in a works or not, this is accurately what we’d like to see from a HomePod Mini if it ever comes. 

Cut to a chase

  • What is it? A smaller chronicle of Apple’s HomePod speaker 
  • When is it out? Rumors advise we could see it after this year 
  • What will it cost? No pricing usually nonetheless though it’s expected to be cheaper than a fully-fledged HomePod 

Apple HomePod Mini recover date

Considering a Apple HomePod Mini hasn’t indeed been announced nonetheless and there isn’t unequivocally any kind of chronological settlement when it comes to prior releases for this this product, it’s tough to theory when we could see it released. 

There have, however, been rumors this year that we could see a product expelled before a finish of 2018 though we’re holding this information with a splash of salt until Apple creates an central announcement. If any is going to be made, we design it’d be during WWDC 2018

Apple HomePod Mini news and rumors

There’s not accurately a bolt of HomePod Mini rumors out there though there have been a integrate of reports value picking adult on. 

Beats branding

The most new rumor around a new HomePod came from a Chinese tech organisation called Sina and settled that there could be a cut-price HomePod with Beats branding in a works.

We haven’t seen a good understanding of Beats branded releases given Apple purchased a association in 2014 so this could be a possibility for Apple to revitalise a name while repositioning a reportedly floundering HomePod to a code new, maybe younger, audience. 

According to a report, a new HomePod would cost around $199 (about £150, AU$260), that is in line with prior rumors and would go some approach to combating criticisms of a speaker’s high cost point.  This is a news that should, however, be taken with a fistful of salt. 

The initial report

Back in Mar 2018, usually a month after a HomePod’s release, there was a news from Economic Daily that Apple was formulation to recover a some-more affordable HomePod during some indicate in 2018. 

It was rumored that this cheaper HomePod would launch in a US in a second half of 2018 for around $200 (around£145, AU$260), that is significantly reduce than a device’s stream $349/ £319/ AU $499 cost point. In this news it wasn’t done transparent how Apple was indeed formulation to reduce a cost of a speaker, though a code new and smaller device could be a approach to do this.

What we wish to see from a Apple HomePod Mini

Bluetooth connectivity

Sure, intelligent speakers are all about voice controls, and a fact that they’re standalone inclination that don’t need to be bending adult to another audio source in sequence to playback tunes and podcasts. But, sometimes, a few combined options are usually available – generally if you’re perplexing to play behind a lane that, for whatever reason, can’t be found on a intelligent speaker’s streaming use of choice. 

It might not be slicing corner in a intelligent orator world, though there’s still a peculiar arise when Bluetooth connectivity would be useful – and in a box of a HomePod Mini being tied to Apple Music, that’d be quite useful for anyone looking to access, say, Spotify streaming. Which brings us onto a subsequent point…

Open entrance to other song services

If we buy one of a stream Apple HomePod speakers, you’re radically locking yourself into Apple’s audio ecosystem. So, iTunes purchases aside, that’s $9.99 / £9.99 / AU$11.99 a month for a singular Apple Music streaming account, or $14.99 / £14.99 / AU$17.99 for a family account.

That’s excellent if you’re an iPhone-owning Cupertino disciple, and Apple Music is a excellent use really value investing in. But, if you’ve already committed to Spotify or Google Music or any of a other innumerable smaller streaming options, that could be a frustrating restriction. 

By knocking a few bricks out of a walled garden and vouchsafing other services have a demeanour in could give an Apple HomePod Mini a userbase boost – and it could be interconnected with incentives to burst to Apple Music, if Apple played a savvy long-game.

More tone options

The Apple HomePod is an appealing speaker, with a fabric filigree covering and cylindrical distance pointed adequate to fit among many decors. But that’s not always what you’re looking for – infrequently we wish something that separates we from a pack, as evidenced by Apple’s Beats headphones. 

They’ve built a code around confidant colorful designs, and if a rumors that a HomePod Mini is to underline Beats branding proves to be true, we’d like to see a orator welcome Beats’ colorful aesthetic, too.

Better Siri performance

Apple’s HomePod does good on sound though when it comes to smarts it’s rather lacking. Compared to Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, Siri is rather singular in what it can do for we as a intelligent home hub. This isn’t good deliberation it’s one of a many costly intelligent speakers on a marketplace and Siri is your categorical means of determining it.

With that in mind, we’d adore to see improved Siri opening in a new HomePod iteration when it comes to behaving commands fast and accurately. There are rumors that Siri will be cut from a device wholly to save on cost though we’d rather see some improvements. 

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